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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. sms. III. GH. 142. 1915. 1053 after giving due regard to the respective needs of tramc. The allotments to the respective works consolidated shall be made by the Secretary of War upon recommendations b the Chief of Engrneers. In case such works or items are consolidated and separate amounts are given with each proj ect, the amounts so named shall be _ expended upon such seqlarate projects unless, in the discretion of the Secretary 0 War, anot er allotment or division should be made of the same. Any balances remaining to the credit of the consolidated ,,,,]E,'},l“,§’,‘?.,°,§ ,$§{§" °° items shall be carried to the credit 0 the respective aggregate amounts appropriated for the consolidated items. _ mo. 4. That the Secretary of War is hereby authorized to receive ¤§f§‘,,*§',““§}°“;,*§j,‘§',; from private parties such frmds as may be contributed b them to °¤°¤¤**=°d- . be expended m connection with funds appropriated by the United States for any authorized work of public improvement of rivers and harbors whenever such work and expenditure may be considered by the Chief of Engineers as advantageous to the interests of navigation: _ Provided, That when contributions heretofore or hereafter made b {Zim`.): ·»¤¢m»¤· local interests for river and harbor ierlnsrovements, in accordance with “°'“ *“ °‘°°“ °' °°“· specific requirements or under gen authority of Congress, are in excess of the actual cost of the work contemplated and properly chargeable to such contributions, such excess contributions may, with the approval of the Secretary of War, be returned to the proper representatives of the contributing interests, unless the provision of law under which the contribution is made requires that the entire contribution be retained by the United States. mmm, depths md Sec. 5. That in the preparation of tprojects under this and subse- dim·>¤=i<>¤¤ donned. quent river and harbor Acts, unless 0 erwise expressed, the channel epths referred to shall be understood to signify the dpipth at mean low water in tidal waters tributary to the tlantic an Gulf coasts and at mean lower low water in ti al waters tribute.? to the Pacific coast and the mean depth for a. continuous riod 0 fifteen days of the lowest water in the navigation season cfm any year in rivers and nontidal channels, and the channel dimensions specified shall be understood to admit of such increase at the entrances, bends, sidings, apcggurning places as may be necessary to allow of the free movement 0 ats. ‘ Sec. 6. That the Act of Congress a roved March fourth, nineteen *’°*°¤*¤° R*'•·;·D§; hundred and nine, providing that allptugboats using the Potomac ¤u1i~d;°giiY>f:§iii{¤l°i¤- River, where the same is spanned by the new railway and new hivh- §§{‘,.,°,§‘,,‘?,,{{§’§f b°““ wa bridges, be equipped with devices for lowering their smokestaclrs, von. se, p. moe. is hereby amended to include "mver boats/’ meaning any boat, ""”““°"· vessel, or craft propelled by mac ery, whether the machinery be onl principal or auxiliary power of propulsion; and the plrovrsrons and? requirements of the said Act are ereby made app 'cable to "power boats" as herein defined. A ho Sec. 7. That the Secretary of War is hereby authorized, empow- n&¤fiii»° ered, and directed to define and establish anchoraige grounds for §¤:jjggB*;$°{vg,¢:;¤ vv vessels in all harbors, rivers, bays, and other navrgab e waters of the ' United States whenever it is manifest to the said Secretary that the maritime or commercial interests of the United States require such anchorage grounds for safe navigggion and the establishment of such anchorage grounds shall have n recommended by the Chief_of Engineers, and to adopt suitable rules and regulations in relation EM thereto; and such rules and regulations shall be enforced by the em °'°°"‘°”'°"‘“°’· Revenue-Cutter Service under the direction of the Secretary of the P 1 Treasury: Prmrided, That at ports or places where there is no revenue B§.°”5’§ie, U, Engg cutter available such rules and regulations may be enforced by the mm- _ _ Chief of eers under the direction of the Secretary of War. In n§;f‘°“Y ‘“’“°‘“°¤‘€ - the event o the violation of any such rules and regu ations by the — owner, master, or person in charge of any vessel, suc owner, master,