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1122 sixTY.*1*1-11121) c0NGRnss. sm. III. cu. 145. 1915. INTERNATIONAL commission ON ·ram.ns or CONSTANTS, arm so mma. ,,,{§,§§“'{,?,°”$§m2,PE§ To the International Commission on Annual Tables of Constants °°¤¤°¤¤'¤»°*°· and Numerical Data, Chemical, Physical, and Technological, as established by the Seventh International Congress of Apphe Chemistry in London and as continued by the eighth congrem m ew_York, as a contribution by the United States tovvard the publication of annual tables of constants, chemical, physical, and technologmal, $500. BUREAU or mrnnrannmmnnranr muon ron rnouorxou or INTER- ' Nar1oNaL ARB1TRA’1`ION. q¤%°ig°mru:-1§6°€i»ti!Z For the contribution of the United States toward the maintenance ""‘°“°°· of the Interparliamenta1·§(,Union for the Promotion of International Arbitration at Brussels, lgium, $2,000. _ m·rnnNa·noNa1. INSTITUTE or AGRICULTURE. I¤”°*'¤*°*°¤%' !¤¤“· For the payment of the quota of the United States for the su rt mguogi. Agmumm of the International Institute of Agriculture for the calendarpylelar nineteen hundred and sixteen, $8,000. “}f°¤'°°’ °' °°¤m“· For slalary of one piembeslof the; pertxlpanent clolxinmittee of the Internation `tute o Agric ture or e calen year nineteen hun- _ dred and sixteen $3,600. ,§,Q§§“°""“** *’“"“°°‘ For the paymdnt of the quota of the United States for the cost of translating into and in the E1§lish lan¥age the publications of the International titute of Agric ture at ome, $5,000. INTERNATIONAL narrwar coimmzss. I""'““c,,,,,,,,,,"°“‘f' M"' To pay the quota of the United States as an adh b f Ny thetgiterxgéonal Railway Congress for the year ninetiien lniI1l$lI:1d6a1i1i)d six n, . INTERNATIONAL saurranr mmnau. ,,};‘°g’y,§g§'** “°°*‘ For the annual share of the United States for the maintenance of thet0I;1te1;1;ag?)j>(;1;l)Samtary Bureau for the year nineteen hundred and six n, , . . ,0}’(§‘,§*’i,,‘;“‘°‘”°°““ mvrrnn srnns courrr ron cunu. S°l""°" Judge, $8,000; district attorney, $4,000; marshal, $3,000; clerk, $3,000; stenographer, $1,800; court expenses, including reference law books, $9,000; in ull, $28,800. ,,·{,,",‘},§;,_""’ "“*"°’ 'l`he judge of the said court and the district attorney shall, when “Sessio¤s other than the sessionsd3§t_the cogt arelheld alt other cities than Shanghai, receive in a ion to eir sa a.ries their ne t al during such sessions, not to exceed $10 per diigrsslglrytlig jliidggxaiiildlsgg

day for thedd1str1cttlatt<£»ir51;e’&v, and so rnuchJas mmie neialcessary for

sai p1n·poses_ur1ng e yearendini °ft tee hundred and sixteen, is hereb appropriate . me 16 l mm D R“"· For rent of premises for the use of the United States court for Mm. I China at Shang ai, $2,400. me mm; at The judicial authority and jurisdiction in civil and criminal cases vn, 3,, p_ m_ vested m and reserved to the consul ueral of the United States at V<>¤- 35, p.¤1¤. Shanghai, China, by the Act of June aiirtieth, nineteen hundred and six, entitled "An Act creating a United States Court for China, and