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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sms. III. Cx. 147. 1915. 1147 Department of the Interior, nineteen hundred and fourteen, paid, by voucher three hundred and sixty-three, Jul seventh, nineteen hundred and thirteen, by the chief disbursing jerk disallowed by the Comptroller of the Treasury for the reason that it was not a prciippr charge to the appropriation or nineteen hundred and fourteen. e accounting officers of the Treasuiy are authorized and directed to credit the accounts of George W. vans, chief disbursing clerk, with the payment of $5.14, made to the Thomas Somerville Company, in the quarter ended June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and thirteen (voucher two hundred and fifty-eight, April fifth, nineteen hundred and thirteen), for one thousan and twenty pounds of fire clay, furnished for use in the repairs of buil epartment of the Interior, nineteen hundred and thirteen, and owed by the Comptroller for the reason that the item in question was not purchased from the right contractor. nvunmos. B¤¤d*¤¤· PATENT OFFICE BUILDING: T0 a J. H. de Sibour for 1*0].1111111. ary P•°°°* °¤°°· iooo ro.- ao toiioiog proposed trityo erected in no courtlyard of ao ’· “· °°“‘”°°‘· Tatent Office Building under the provisions the sundry civil Act of Jime twenty-third, nineteen hundred and_ thirteen, $950. Capitol Bui ding: For work at the Capitol and ggneral repairs §‘}§§,,,,_ thereof, including the same objects specified under t head in the surédgy civil appropriation Act for the fiscal year nmeteen hundred an teen, $5,000. For metal shelving for the storage and document rooms of the R,’1*”,,,Q‘_F?g_,,’,¥;’,_“” °' library of the House of Representatives, $6,000. For paintin§ interior an woodwork of rooms and corridors of the ,,,§°‘“° °m°° Bm House Office uilding, mclw labor and material, $25,983, to con— tinéiga avaigagile durlgnlglthe F year ninetglen hundred anld sixteen. eww Bum urto aims ding` : orre airing ectric " , eatinga _ ' paratus, roof, and other parts of the Court of Claims biulding, includ; •¢¤· mg labor and materia.l to be expended under the direction of the Superintendent of the Czpitol B _ ding and Groimds and to continue available during the iisc Wyear mneteen hundred and sixteen, $5,950. Columbia Hosdpital for omen and Lyinigin Asylum: Forobstetrical ,,,,°°pl,“,f,*;§‘_ H°"’""‘ instruments an apparatus to complete e wai ment of Columbia ¤¤¤¤v¤·¤¢»·•>¤· Hospital for Women and Lying-m Asylum, _ gton, District of Columbia, and for deficiencies due to, and in connection W1l'·l1,· the construction of the new Columbia Hospital and so forth, rovided for in the Act approved June twentyythird, nineteen himd)red_ and thirteen, including labor and material, special and professional services, $7,500, to be aid one—half out of the revenues of the District ,,§,‘},l{,,§Y°“‘ D'“"°‘ of Columbia and one·h)alf out of the Treasury of the United States: Provided That hereafter all repairs or irplprovements made to said §°,§,,"Q“,$;,,,,,, N, ,,, hospital buildings and grounds shall be rn e under the direction and v•*¤»•°°· supervision of the Superintendent United States Capitol Building and Grounds under estimates submitted to Congress through the Secretary of the Interior. rmmrronr or Anasxa. **1****** For mileage of members of the legislature incurred attendance I‘“'““""°"’°'”°’· upon the first legislative assembly convened March thn·d, nmeteen hundred and thirteen $2,267.20. _ _ mu msu D_ To pay the Daily Alaska Dispatch, Juneau, Alaska, for printing ,,,,,,,7 · ‘* and bm of the senate journal of the first session of the Alaska TerritoriaLl1I.egislature, $710.87. _ _ _ Mmm Dm E To pa the Alaskan Daily Empire, Juneau, Alaska, for printing pm Y “" and bind-/inggof the house journal of the first session of the Alaska Territorial gislature, $771.05.