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1148 SIXTYJIHIRD CONGRESS. Sess. HI. GH. 147. 1915. c’·1°’”¤ Mm E”¤*¤°°'*¤¤ Alaska Enginee Commission: In the execution of the work f rylc er supplies called for under tilildg Act of March twelfth, nineteen hundred and °'A,,,;;{ ‘°y°°”‘ fourteen, entitled "An Act to authorize the President of the United States to locate, construct, and operate railroads in the Territo of Alaska, and for other tpugposes, ’ authority is hereb granteldr to purchase until the en o the fiscal tiear nineteen hundred and sixteen, irom the appropriations made erefor articles and supplies for salgstc; emploaylees, the appropriation to be reimbursed by the procee o suc s es. P¤b11¤ 1¤¤<1=. runmc LAND8 smzvrcn. iiiimst thZ`§.’$Z“.2R§”$} Z1§EdS§2§‘1.°t1ilEi{.A*i°§§1°rii°’ui'§Z'€Z.’I.S §IlK3’§§§d.K§ fourteen, to the credit of the United States, to secure the surve of land.: graréted) totlsiaid Statfulytiglag. tigew ?.;>is;y_the ppblipl lland gran maey eaca esm a into e nion, $500. "Q“'¤’ R·W·R°*>*¤· To reimburse Oliver R. W. Robinson, late receiver of public mimtammeunt. moneys, United States land office_ at Los Angeles, Califomia, for amonmt erroneouslfy depxosited by him in the Treasiuy of the United States in excess o pub c moneys 1‘BCB1V6d by and due from to th1et1Umte¢ti Siéatfisg oguaeiconmt of oilpeulgic as atllugwiinm the se emen o a aceoim y u r or terior De artment, $22. ugnnun mane 'Fhe unexpended balance on June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and "3‘lg, uy¤.., .,.,.1, fifteen, remmmng to the credit of the a propriation of $3,125.95 Wig- P_ WL authorized in the deficiency appropriation get approved Ju] twenty- ' glib, nineteentlgiunillreddpacntwil o télge completion the ear nme en un an o e examination and clasm_ ,3, p_ 361 siiicatiron of lands within the limits of the Northern Pacific ant Vol-Zap- M- under the Act of July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-four (gllhirteenth Statutes, page three hun ed and sixty-Eve), is continued and made available to meet the expenses pertaining to such examination and classification as may be incurred during the fiscal ear nineteen mm hugdred and sixteen. U md d y Y•°"•Y°*¤- _ or ayment to certain ni States e ut surv orsfor surve s ugiymmt M mv of public lands, executed by them and 1i’ece§sa.ry (gi complete the lines of surveys embraced in their contracts and special instructions issued thereunder, hem? the balance of the amounts found due them Eg the Commissioner 0 the General Land Office in the settlement of eu; accounts in accordance with the rates as authorized in the Acts making appropriation for the survey and res1u·vey of public lands for the fiscal year m which the work was executed, namely:

 l"""J." % P¤..°"‘“fQ.. *3%*3

. oys n . or , . . V NATIONAL ranxs. For rotection and im rovement of Roc Mountain Na 'onal Park, (glorado, $3,000. p ky tl "‘*’“°“*. ·°* °‘ ’"* nsrxmmmur or Jusrics. O°°°mg°°°°'p““°“‘ Contingent expenses: For law books for the office of the Solicitor of the Treasury or the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, $1. For miscellaneous expenditures, including the same objects specified under this head in the legislative, executive and judicial appropriatnon Act for the Escal year nineteen hundred and twelve, $29.80.