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SIXTY-TI-HRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 131. 1914. 433 each; one entomological preparator, $7 20; six entomological preparators, at $600 each; one messenger, $840; two messe ers or aborers, at $720 each· four messenger boys, at $360 edlii; one mechanic, $840; one laborer $540; two charwomen, at $480 each; one charwoman, $240; in all, $69,050. GENERAL Ex1·ENsEs, BUREAU or Enromowerz For the promotion i}§$€§r£ilg$ii1$E°i»°?'m· of economic entomolo ; for investigating the history and the habits °°°°°·°°°· of insects in°urious angiybeneficial to agriculture, horticulture, arbori— culture, and the stud of insects aifecting the health of man and domestic animals, and ascerta` the best means of destro ` those found to be injurious; for co ating, digesting, reporting, and illustrating the results of such investigations; for salaries and the employment of labor in the city of Washington and elsewhere, rent outside of the District of Columbia, freight, express charges, official traveling expenses, office fixtures, supplies, apparatus, telegraph and telephone service, gas, and electric current, in connection with the following investigations: For investigations of insects affecting deciduous fruits, orchards, ,,,§§_“‘°’ ’·"" "““ vineyards, an nuts, $58,000; For invmtigations of insects affecting cereal and forage crops, c,,,°,‘§,‘f’“ md ‘°'°g° $114,500; For investigations of insects affecting southern field GTOPB, including “°“”‘°"‘ md °'°P* insects affecting cotton; tobacco, rice, sugar cane, and so forth, an the cigarette beetle an Argentine ant, $59,000; Fmm For investigations of insects affecting forests, $54,790; k ` For investigations of insects affecting truck crops, including insects pr'§.i"$`E¤,°§€£°’ mm affecting the potato, sugar beet, cabbage onion, tomato, beans, peas, and so orth, and insects aifecting stored products, $41,500; Bw m,,m_ For investigations in bee culture, $15,000; .,,,,,,,;,,1 and mb For investigations of insects affecting tropical and subtro ical ¢r¤r>i¤¤1*¤·¤*¤ fruits, including insects affecting the orange, lemon, grapefi*, mango, and so orth, $20,100; mdmmum ,,y_ For investigations of the Mediterranean fruit ily, $33,200; A dm,_¤,s,mm For investigations, identification, and systematic classification of wm. miscellaneous insects, including the study of insects affecting the health of man and domestic animals, household insects, and the importa?1<;r;‘uan;1 exchangle of useful igisects, $54,280; , or ener enses, 50,370. PREVENTINgG srnnfiipor mores: To enable the Secretary of Agri- zaiihpdhiid bm: culture to meet the emergency caused by the continued spread of the ,t3“”°° ° °“°° ’ gypsy and brown-tail moths y conducting such experiments as may e necessary to determine the best methods of controlling these m· sects; by introducing and establishing the parasites and natural enemies of these insects and colonizing them within the infested territory· by establishing and maintaining a quarantine against further spread ' in such manner as he shall deem best, in coopleration with the authorities of the different States concerned and wit the several State experiment stations, including rent outside of the District of Columbia, the employment of labor in the city of Washington and elsewhere, and all other necessary expenses, $310,000. Total for Bureau of Entomology, $829,420. n BUREAU OF BIOLOGICAL SURVEY. S,£L",,`§.Y“ °' m°‘°"'°“ SALARIES, BUREAU or Bronoercar. SURVEY: One bioiogst, who ,,,§°,;’[,,f,’fk'§_,*}§,{,_°' """ shall be chief of bureau, $3,500; one chief clerk and executive assistant, $1,800; one assistant in game preservation, $2,250· one financial clerk, $1,600; two clerks, class three; three clerks, class two; five clerks, class one; three clerks, at $1,000 each; two clerks, at $900 each; one messenger, $720; one photographer, $1,300; one game war- 91006°-—vor. 38—r·r 1-28