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622 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 223. 1914. R°°°*¤¤g° °‘ €°*d Recoin e of old coins: For recoin e of ht—weight gold coins °°iiiSs.,seessiz,p.eee. in the 'l‘r;·§sury,gto be expended underatlie diriigtion of the Secretary of the Treasu , as required by section thirty-five hundred and twelve of the Revise1dYStatutes of the United States, $3,000. m§·;°°*¤¤¤° °‘ m*¤°’ Recoinage of minor coins: To enable the Secretary of the Treasury ` to continue the recoinage of worn and uncurrent minor com of the United States now in the Treasury or hereafter received, and to reimburse the Treasurer of the United States for the difference between the nominal or face value of such coin and the amount the same will produce in new coin, $10,000. _ cgggsy 1°¤¤d*Y m°* Money laundry machines: For all miscellaneous expenses in con.- ` nection with the installation and maintenance of money laundry machines, including repairs and urchase of supplies, for machines at Washington, District of Columliia, and in the various subtreasury offices, $9,000. mgmm Sums S°°“’· Distinctive paper for United States securities: lllor distinctive pgper nsum-eve paper. for United States securities, including transportation, traveling, undry, and other necessary expenses, salaries for not more than ten months of not exceeding one register two assistant registers, five counters, five watchmen, and one skilled laborer, and expenses of muD§_$¤i—:mg¤v¤r· 0mEc;rp4;1riisi4;Lsd(i>(i f1Iiii.i;1ioii1;,l '£rui·i·;i1ih-`?: $§ii19,(d(igtinctive paper, including cu y` transportation, traveling, laundry, and other necessary expenses, an expenses of officer detailed from the Treasury, salaries for not more than two months of not exceeding one register, two assistant ters, five counters, five watchmen, and one skilled laborer; in all, $70,000. ‘ ,_,,,X*“"°“ °* d“““°' For pa of the representative of the public on the committee to witness tlie destruction by maceration of Government securities; at $5 r day while actually employed, $1,565. ,m(Q“§,§,‘§;§?’““·’°“‘· Cliiestody of dies, rolls, and {plates: For custody of dies, rolls, and lates used at the Bureau o Engraving and Printing for printing government securities: Custodians—two at $2 000 each; distributors Suppmmgmmt_r_ of §tock—one $1,60;), :_wp_ at $1,i10(zheach, in $8,400. _ mangas. u ressrngcoun er er in an o er crimes: orex uses mc

  • ""‘·*’·*’3· undeiipthe authority or witgi the approval of the Selciietary of the

Treasury in detecting, arresting, and deliver' into the custody of the United States marshal havin jurisdictionmfealers and pretended dealers in counterfeit money ang persons engaged in counterfeiting Treasury notes, bonds national·bank notes, and other securities o the United States and of foreign governments, as well as the coins of the United States and of foreign governments, and other felonies committed a ainst the laws of the United States relating to the pay Protection 0, PML and bounty laws, and for no other purpose whatever, except in the dept. , protection of the person of the President and of the person chosen »{§Z{§§g,s_ to be President of the United States, $145,000: Promkled, That no part of this amount be used in defraying the expenses of any r- son subpmnaed by the United States courts to attend any trial beiiiire _ a United States court or preliminary examination before any United P°"’l"°°"‘ States commissioner, which expenses shall be paid from the appro- Pa wt 0, rms priation for "Fees of witnesses, United States courts." asxazieiiilzertieriliu. No part of any money appropriated by this Act shall be used in paynpent (pg complpnssaétron gi; expegies of anyhpeéson detzgled or trans erre rom the t cret rvice 'vision of the reasu e artment, or who may at any time during the Hscal year nindlgaen {hundred and fifteen have been employed by or under said Secret Service hudsym . Division. Y _ Lands and other property of the Lmted States: For custody, care, protection, and expenses of sales of lands and other roperty of the lnited States, the examination of titles, recording of deeds, advertising, and auctioneer’s fees, $300.