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.680 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 223. 1914. Qanal is no longer needed, or is no lortgegcserviceable, it maiy be sold in such manner as the President may t and without a vertising nn such clasm of cases as may be authorized by him. d,·'§;’§;';§§¤t';P§t{,°f °‘ Sec. 9. Appropriations herein for printing and binding shall not be M ~i¤p;1g3m¤;:¤am¤¢ used for any annual report or the accompanying documents unless ac. e 0 eac executive e artment, or o er branc of the ublic ,Ef;,“d,d”° ”° P 3* th fthehCo ° ° d P f th D` tritizlt f Oolh b`

 ···serv1ce or mmissmnerso e is o um

rm, p. asa. such a i~eport_shal1 furn.ish copy to the Public frinter in thexolllowing 2Z’.“‘L‘§°§£.°1£‘°ti§fé‘rh£26‘}.°t¥."?r‘t°““ F°8..°{§£B°”"?g °"§h °““““l "*"°“i y o r o eac ear· co ms o the annual reports on or before the fifteenth day of Noxyember of each year; and complete revised proofs of the accompanying documents sm Rpm: and the annual on the tenth and_ twentieth days of November empm. of each year, respectryely. The provisions of this section shall not apply to the annual reports of the Smithsonian Institution. m%';;j§‘“;‘°° °‘ g' nc;m110.AThat tsecéion of the civil éirréyéroprigtion {Let 0. . 1>· .appro ugus en -0 tw , E“‘“i°°‘ "“"P' B S dtd Elghmtldthas folliwllszb bmmted h r; an 6 ve °' " mc. . a eros a 't ° th al mappmpmtm Book of Estimates following egg gtimate (ior a gzenlgral grmilulxgil B sum ualpgirgpnaitiion, em puglitxgnbuildyigs or other worg ¤mm¤¤¤¤q¤1r¤d;cons c unercon as t ' l : amE"pF$”m. M “First, the number of peisons, if ang; mtghvcjilsd lt]; bzrdmpldoed and the rates of compensation to each, and the amoimts contempiated to UNM be egglnded fort eachhotgdany czgher objectt: or <ilasses of expenditures _ spec orconemp m eestima ° ttem t f M m_mum of estimated unit costof any construction worzklgiiouposc tlolzddonglgarfd $•,,&y..,,r.,.,r¤4. “Seoond_, the number of persons, if any, cmp oyed and the rate of ¤mQg*¤$:jkj>‘ °°¤‘ compensation paid each, and the amounts e ended for each other object or class of expenditure and the actualdp unit cost of any construction work done, out of the appropriation corresponding to the estimate so submitted, d`ll1']11g the completed fiscal year next pre- ¤~»·»¤~»~¤»°°`$‘?>*‘ih*`ZL°‘L°§€§.?*f‘t.'¤ih‘°ht°h§ °’“”£“"’i§Z5“?‘iii“m‘idD‘g a no . _ S D0 6 SI1 ml O tim tes embraiedhm the anrpual Book rgf Esiéimates other shlall sugges c anges m orm or o er o arrangement of estimates and appropnations and reasons for su h hanges.” chfusérewririnz me- 11. That no part of any rnlbngy agiprogrrgated by this Act shall ram mmm. be used during the fiscal year nineteen un d and Efteen for the purchase of any typewriting machine at a price in excess of the owest pxiiice psid gy th? sliovcilrnment of the United States for the sam ‘ • £ai§d”£r ét§”¤..§‘i $21*; ‘§i¤%t2t§ i°u‘§3.2°d°dt‘i}d°f1.‘£‘}%§.$“8Z.‘i“§l”;§e“£‘§ tundregliaud fouézneen; such price shall include the value of any ypewn mg mae e or mac given in exc ange, but shal not a ply to ial rices ted t 'f h' d ' L scléoog pg tgiS$§:rip1l;;1>f CollurxHbi:fp;i·nof3i·h€dwI1n1d1ii1:i1 use m mmgém ¤PP*°· nc. ._ ais not a lh afteto to tziiirgglimssjréwrtcargiiua employed m the service of tlie UnitedeS6tatesrun¢il;i·yauya]gi:Tn1<;i,·l>·.5l0<l»11{ 81,,,%,, mm, ,0,m. lump sum appropriation, any sum additional to the re lar com- °¤- pensatron recirvedtfor pir attached to any emfployment%le1d prior o an appom men or esigna ion as acting or or instead of an

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M meitcoatmna‘,mtibi$§.§’E-6?.°¤E’.$Z.‘?”.i‘§€u€¤’§.§t1't¤E¤a byspromotion from ower to higher grades of employments. ,,§,;"?&; 0;***;;; nc. 13. That the heads of ‘ executive departments and other mai£¤:cam¤unum· Government establishments are authorized to rescribe per diem rates of allowance not exceeding $4 in lléll of su&istence to persons engaged m field work or traveling on ofhcral busmess outside of the District of Columbia and away from their designated posts of duty