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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cris, 223, 224. 1914. 681 when not otherwise fixed by law. For the fiscal year nineteen ¤§m““’S‘°' °“°”‘ hundred and sixteen and annually thereafter estimates of appropriae tions from which per diem allowances are to be paid shall specifically stage th; rate; of spclilallovéances. fr ww M or the re °e 0 the su erers om the recent condagration in *,,,°“‘ Salem, Massachusetts, $200,000, or so much thereof as may be mix me mm`- necessary: Prmnded, That all expenditures under thk provision Under lsecrstary at shall be made under the direction 0 the Secretary of War. w”‘ Sec. 14. That all sums appropriated by this Act for salaries of ,,,S,‘},"‘,,’;,{f" ’“'“"°“ "° oflicers and emplsozyees of the Government shall be in full for such salaries for the al year nineteen hundred and fifteen, and all laws or parts of laws to the extent they are in coniiict with the provisions of this Act are repealed Approved, August 1, 1914. CHAP. 224.-An Act To yirzovide for the disposal of certain lands in the Fort ‘itngi¥tl%gii’ Benbold Indian Reservation, orth Dakota. Be it enacted ty the Senate and Hawaii? Representatives of the United States cif America in Ocmgreee aseemb , That the lands m the Fort dg‘¤mR_§°;;¤s1§1¤ 1; Bei-tho d Indian Reservation, North Dakota, which on accoimt of nu. °”' ‘ their containing coal were reserved from allotment and other w2,"P,,,g‘§,‘{ '°°°"°‘ sition under the Act of June first, nineteen hundred and ten, entitled V¤¤·¤¤»v·45¤· "An Act to authorize the surveiy and allotment of lands embraced within the limits of the Fort erthold Indian Reservation, in the State of North Dakota, and the sale and disposition of a portion of the surplus lands after allotment, and making appropriation and provision to carry the same into eii'cct," shall be su ject to diseplosal under the provisions of said Act: Provided, That patents issu for gg; mm w such lands shall contain a reservation to the United States of any eesiusemmm. coal that such lands may contain, to be held in trust for the Indians belonging to and having tribal rights on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, but any entryman shall have the right at any time d&§=;t{‘;>n_¤*=¤*°*• before making final proof 0 his entry, or at the time of making such final proof, to a hearing for the purpose of disproving the classincation as coal land of the land embraced in his entry, and if such land is shown not to be coal land a patent without reservation shall issue. Sec. 2. That the coal deposits in such lands shall be subject to wggww ¤* mi ¤•· disposal by the United States in accordance with the provisions of ` the coal—land laws in force at the time of such disposal, and the roceeds arising from the disposal of such coal deposits or from the iieasing or working thereof shall be deposited in the Treasury of the Unite States an shall be applied in the same manner as the proceeds derived from the dispos1tion of the lands embraced in the ort Berthold Indian Reservation. Any person qualified to acquire coal ,,,g‘§,§ '°’ *"°‘P°°" deposits or the right to mine and remove the_coal under the laws of the United States shall have the right at all times to enter upon the lands selected, entered, or patented, as provided by this Act for the urpose of respecting for coal thereon, iapon the approval] by the Secretary oi) the Interior of a bond or un ertaldng to be filed with him as security for the payment of all damagles to the crops and to improvements on such lands by reason of suc prospectin% Any ew1ifZ'?§°€;°¤me¤°.|°°° person who has acquired from the United States the coal eposits in any such land, or the right to mine or remove the same, may reenter and occupy so much of the smface thereof as may be required for all urposes reasonably incident to the mining and removal of the coal) therefrom, and mine and remove the coal, upon payment of the damages caused thereby to the owner thereof or upon_g1ving_a good and sufficient bond or undertaking in an action instituted in