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866 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. HI. C11. 75. 1915. W'£;:;¤“¤8 °*¤· ¤·· Traveling and miscellaneous expenses: For traveling and other xevémspemxtm. miscellaneous and emergency expenses, including advances made by the disbursing clerk, authorized and approved_by the Attorney General, to be expended at his discretion, the provisions of the first para- R· S~3°°·3“8·P· 71* graph of section thirty-six hundred and forty-eight, Revised Statutes, Em _ mmm to the contrary notwithstanding, $7,500. _

,w,_°’°“" Enforcement of antitrust laws
For the enforcement of antitrust

Am¢,p.m laws inelu not excee $15,000 for salaries of necess em- 7 ary Bomb . ployees at the seat of government, $300,000: Provided, however, That

·==z-ass al Pmsirtaisssmsz:.:§.J.:;as*.r;£:am?:;°2.°‘ my °*g2r···

mw: me . ’ ron or _ agree. men av- ° or I an ing in view the}g of wages, shortening of hours or bettering the _ conditions of labor, or or any act done in furtherance thereof, not in m{’§,j,~°""°“’ °“"""‘ itself unlawful: Prwidedfurther, That no part of this appropriation shall be expended for the prosecution of producers of farm products and associations of farmers who cooperate and oigganize in an effort tonne} foal the purpose to obtain an maintain a air· and reasonable price or err pro ucts. c, _F"° Suits to set wide conve%ances _0f allotted lands for removal of ufmmggggw restrictionsé allotted lands, live C;1vrhze;1hTr1bes: For; nlecessary ex- ' penses incr ent to any suits roug t at e request 0 the Secretary - of the Interior in the eastern judicial district of Oklahoma, to be expended under the direction of the Attorney General, the unexmappmpmmu. pended balance of the appropriations heretofore made for this lpugrgse ·*”“· M3- is reapproprratlid contlmued available for the service of the al year mneteen un an sixteen. ¤¤f¤r¤ *¤¤=¤¤¤¤ Enforcement of Acts to rE1lnte commerce: For expenses of re °°$iiii.°z'li°Tul§;':iis; von. resenting the Government in matters rmder the Act entitlgl ’,§§;_¥’· *3* °’· 3"· P· "An Act to regulate commerce," approved Fe ruary fourth eighteen X . . . r 3 hrmdred and eighty-seven, as amen ed, mcludrng travehrgg expenses, to be expended under the direction of the Attorney Gener , mcludmg Semmohmcmmm sagrres ggemployeeas at Vga;shingfonh$10,g0i). ds Okl Enum - _ mts ecting ti e to mino e a otte an in ahoma: For Mhz- Msmw necessary expenses incident to any suits brought, including the salar1;zsSeof atgor;1leiys specially employeg to set aside illegal convaejyances 0 mmo e otments to protect the possession of Seminole ottees in their allotted lands, or in the prosecution of any criminal proceedmgs based on frauds perpetrated upon Seminole allottees with zplspzii; to theg allosiinpegilands, to be expended under the direction of e orne ener 500. ,,,,E,§"_§,§§ §,‘,§,§§_ R°‘ llederal (lourt Rephrts and Digests: For one hrmdred and eighty copies of contmuatrons of the Fe eral Reporter, as issued, estimated at ten volumes per year, to contmue sets now furnished various Lawyers, m,Pm,m officials, at $2 per volume, $3,600. _ Egriggndmm For fifteen cop;es of volume fifty—mne of the Lawyers’ Cooperative ' Edition of the nited States Reports, to continue sets now in the Summa com R9 hands of certam officers, at $6 per volume, $90. wizichm of For two hundred and seventy cop1es of each of five volumes- ‘ · narnelg, two hrmdred and thn·ty-six to two hundred and fort of the Ugiited Stptgi lieportsito continue sets nowin the hands of? certain _ o cr s a . 5 per vo ume $2,362.50. m§°,ff’f*° '°“’°“d’ Protectinlg interests of the; United States in suits atfectin Pacific Errwnses- railroads: 0 enable the Attorney _General to re resent ant? protect the interests of the United States in matters and suits affecting the Pacific railroads, and for expenses rn connection therewith, $65,000.