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902 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 80. 1915. in which they appear in said schedules, and be comlpleted in such order as nearly as practicable, and shall be paved, rn the discretion of the commissioners, instead of being grade and regulated. WLM t'°*‘ *'P"°“ Under appropriations contained in this Act no contract shall be ` made for maqring or relaying asphalt pavement at a higher price than $1.80 per s uare yard or a quality equal to the best laid in the District of (%>lumbia prior to July first, eighteen hundred and eighty- six, and with same depth of base, nor more than $1.80 per square yard for la standard asphalt-block pavement equal to the best laid in the lgistrict of Colum ia prior to July first, nineteen hundred and mg mow, four: Provided, That these conditions as to price and depth of base ` shall not apply to those streets on which, m the judgment of the commissioners, by reason of heavy traffic, poor foundation, or other causes, a pavement of more than ordinary strength is required, in which case the limit of price may be increased to $2 per square yard. _ Rmvgc S¤v¤¤¤¤ Re ave with asphalt the roadway of Seventh Street northwmt, s°'°°°N ‘ from Iiiew York Avenue to Q Street $30,000. ity? ’1‘¤¤¢h Repave with asphalt the granite block roadway pavement of Tenth St N Street northwest, from Pennsylvania Avenue to the south side of B R _ mmm Stripet, forty-fige feeti1;viide,h$13,500. bl k ad f °'*"‘ e ave wit as t the granite oc ro wa avement o Avmmv§&’° Floridla, Avenue ndithwest, from Seventh Street td, Ninth Street, forty-six feet wide, $5,200. uma;. GRADHWG srnmrrrs, Anmrs, AND 1z0ADs: For labor, purchase and re of cars, carts, tools, or hire of same, and horses; and inmates ohisf the Wliashington Asylum and jail may be used in connection with t wor $15,000. °°“‘*°'“““°°· CONDEMNATION or smmmrs, BJOADS AND ALLmYs: For purchase or condemnation of streets, roads, and alleiys, $1,000. ,,,*§§L°‘*’°“"""“ “d CONSTRUCTION or SUBURBAN ROADS: or construction of suburban ¤¤¤¤¤r¤<=¤¤m roads and suburban streets, to be disbursed and accounted for as "Construction of suburban roads and suburban streets, " and for that purpose it shall constitute one fund, as follows: Northwest. Sherman Avenue, Columbia Road to Park Road, grade and improve, $13,200; · Northeqgt. OOV Street, Lincoln Road to Second Street, grade and im rove, ,3 · Southeast. Naylor Road, east of Good Hope Road to District of Columbia Ime, gade and improve, $8,000; _ _ Northwest. anal Road, south side, retaining wall, reconstruct, grade and 1mprove,_$5,000; _ _ _ Northeast. For unpfoving a roadway from Division Avenue and Grant Street toward the District line near Chesa eake Junction, in accordance with plans on file in the office of the Tlngineer Commissioner, grade and improve, $9 300, and so much as may be necessary of the appropriation for grading streets in Burrville authorized by

  • ""·¥’·5”· the Act making appropriations to provide for the expenses of the

District of Columbia for the fiscal year` nineteen hundred and fifteen is authorized to be used for this roadway- Northwest. Georgia Avenue, Irving Street to Rock Creek Church Road, grade and improve, $24,500· Nort gast. dMyrt e St1;;té0S)outh Dakota Avenue to Central Avenue, gra e an 1111 rove, , ; slgpaghwest. Wgtreet, North Capitol Street to Flagler Place, pave, Nlortheiast. Monrgg sntgeet, Twelfth Street to Thirteenth Street, e an rm rove, , · grlqortheast. P Sheriff Road, end of macadam to District of Columbia hue, grade and improve, $6,000;