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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 140. 1915. 969 To J. A. Hall, administrator of the estate of Starke Hall, deceased, ,0,,, ’“c“,n“’“’ °l°*"" late of Logan County, $380. y u°°°d' To Robert Hardwick, of Pulaski County, $980. To Foster G. Heyser, Charles F. Heyser, and George He§er, executors of the estate of Thomas Heyser, deceased, late of art County $1,015. To homas R. Hill, of Bath County, $495. To E. S. Hollowayland W. S. Holloway, surviving executors of the gstat; of John .G. olloway, deceased, late of Henderson County, 2 10 . To William B. Kelly, of Clay County, $50. To Harriet N. Lair, of Pulaski County, $350. To Eliza Leathers, administratrix of the estate of Alfred Leathers, deceased, late of Anderson County, $825. To Lucy C. Lee, of the estate of Jane T. Lee, deceased, of Mason Cormty $915. To Adelaide B. Lindenberger, of Louisville, $1,100. To Mar_yinH. Letcher, administratrix of estate of Thomas K. Letcher, deceased, te of Jessamine County, $420, To Joseph E. Lindsey, surviving partner of the firm of John

 and Son, of Montgomery County, $1,080.

To atherine McClellan , administratrix of the estate of Robert M. McClelland, deceased, late of Fagtte Counz, $900. To Daniel Mans, of Maysville, entucky, te of Goochland County, Viaginia, $250. o George Leonard administrator of the estate of Catherine Morin, deceased, of Campbell County, $1,105. To Samuel P. Martin, of Anderson County, $330. To Rudolph Minton, of Jefferson County, $310. To Robert L. Moore, of Crittenden County, $213. To Hannah Nally, executrix of William A. Nally, deceased, late of Louisville, $2,013. To Mingo Peters, of Boyle County, $110. To Samuel H. Pipes, of Washington Counttlyé $1,210. To Fannie C. Poynter, administratrix of estate of William L. Po ter, deceased, of Barren County, $610. _ 'E: Elias J. Riley, administrator of estate of John Riley, deceased, ` late of Logan Cormty $210. To Belle M. Robards, of Boyle Co1m§’, $425. _ To M aret P. Robinson, widow of ichard M. Robinson, late of Garrardmdgounty, $227. To T. P. Sal er, of Lawrence County, $350. To C. H. vvibb, junior administrator of the estate of David B. Sanders, deceased, late of County, $1,975. To Andrew J. Traughber, of fan Counv? $760. To R. A. Walker, executor of ohn L. alker, deceased, late of Boyle County, $324. o Elijah Warren, of Green County, $175. To Eleanor G. Whitney, of Scott County, $6,466. To John M. Wilson, administrator of the estate of Joseph Wilson, deceased, late of Fulton County, $2,300. · _ To the vestry of Christ Protestant Episcopal Church of Bowling Green, $300. To the trustees of the Baptist Church of Bowling Green, $650. To the deacons of the First Presbyterian Church o Bowling Green, $1,125. To the stewards of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, of Bowling Green, $730. _ To the trustees of the Baptist Church of Brandenburg, $180.