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3142 Customs charges. Cancelled, it parcel destroyed. Retransmission. Ordinary parcels. Insured parcels. PARCEL POST AGREEMENT-MALAYA. xx. CUSTO~[S CHARGES To BE CA:XCELLED. January 21, 1935. March 2!!, 1935. Provided the formalities prescribed by the customs authorities con- cerned are fulfilled, the cu~tom~ charg-es, properly so called, on par- cels destroyed, abandoned by the sender, sent back to the country of origin, or redirected to another country shall be cancelled both in Malaya and in the United States of America. XXI. UETR.\:x SMISSION. Missent ordinary parcels shall he forwarded to their destination by the most direct route at the disposal of the reforwarding Post Office but must not be marked with customs or other charges by the reforwarding Post Office. Missent insured parcels shall not be forwarded to their destination unless they can he forwarded as in- sured mails. If they cannot be forwarded as insured mails, they shall be returned to the country of origin. XXII. Receptacles. Ih:cEI'TACLES. Bags to be provided. Each Post Office shall provide the bags necessary for the despatch of its parcels. The bags shall be returned empty to the country of origin by the next mail. Empty bags shall be made up in bundles of ten (nine bags enclosed in one) and the total number of such bags shall be advised on the parcel bill. Charges. Terminal credits. Malaya.. United States. XXIII. CHAnCEs. 1. For every parcel addresse(l for delivery in Malaya whether ordinary or insured a payment of 80 centimes (gold) for eachJ)arcel not exceeding 3 pounds in weight, 1 franc 40 centimes (gol ) for each parcel over 3 pounds and not exceeding 7 pounds in ,,:eight, 2 francs (gold) for each parcel over 7 pounds and not exceedmg: 11 pounds in weight and 3 francs (gold) for each parcel over 11 pounds and up to the weight limit of 22 pounds, shall be made by the United States of America. Malaya shall pay the United States of Anwri~a 32 centimes (gold) per pound on the bulk net weight of each despatch from Malaya to the United States of America. sio~a:;~St~i~d"coTarmstroBot (talk) 2. The amount to be allowed in respect to parcels sent from one Post Office to the other for onward transmissIOn to a. possession of either country or to a third country shall be fixed by the intermediate U nllaid ('harges. Post Office. 3. On every parcel returned, or redirected unpaid, by one of the two Post Offices to the other, the returning or retransmitting Post Office shall be entitled to claim a payment for its territorial service as set forth in above paragraph 1 of this Article together with any sum due in respect of the sea service which it provides. In the case of a parcel returned or redirected unpaid, in transit through one of the two Post Offices to the other, the intermediary office may claim also the amounts due to any other Post Offie<! or Post Offices concerned. 4. Except as provided in this Artide each Post Office shall lreep the whole of the sums which it collects by virtue of the various articles of this Agreement. .