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160 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. 011.31. 1837. gmwas and For- the Ottswas and Chippewas, sixty thousand eight hundred and Gml’P°w°’· thirty dollars; Caddoes. For the Caddoes, ten thousand dollars; I Transports- For transportation and incidental expenses, twenty-nine thousand fiom &¤· ii e hundred dollars; . Removal and vFor removal and subsistence of the Creeks, and purchase of articles subsistence of according to the treaty of the twenty-fourth March, eighteen hun- G¤é•=k¤» GW- dyed and thirty-two, for the subsistence of the families of the warriors in the service of the United States, and for the expenses attending the sales of Creek reservations, and investigating the frauds committed on these Indians, and the causes of their hostility, seven hundred and one thousand six hundred and seventy-six dollars · Removal, 8,,,, For the removaé and subsistence of the Seiuinoles, one hundred and of Semimles- forty thousand dollars; Removal, Sec. For the removal gud subsistence of the Ottawas of the Maumee, of O¢¤¤W¤¤ of thirteen thousand dollars; Lgfsgfél md For the removal and subsistence of the Pottawatamies of Indiana, subsistence of and for locating reservations and incidental expenses, under the treaty P¤¤¤W=¤¤¤i¤¤ with the Pottawatamies of St. Joseph, of the twentieth September, °f I“d"""" eighteen hundred and twenty-eight, ninety thousand five hundred dollars; Removal and For the removal and subsistence of the Chippewas, Ottawas, and ¤¤lz¤i¤¢¤¤°¤ °f Pottawatamies, under the treaty of twenty-sixth September, eighteen gi‘g’£;;'“:;,d hundred and thirty-three, and for locating reservations, and incidental Pottawaismies. expenses under the treaty with the same, of the twenty-ninth July, eighteen hundred and twenty-nine, one hundred and thirty-two thousand dollars; Whmebegoes. For locating reservations, and incidental expenses under the treaty with the Winnebagoes of the first of August, eighteen hundred and twenty-nine, one thousand dollars· Sm; For carrying into effect the treaty with the Sioux and other tribes of the fifteenth of July, eighteen hundred and thirty, so far as it relates to the Sioux haliibreeds, and for compensation to a. blacksmith under the act of the thirtieth June, eighteen hundred and thirty-four, one thousand one hundred and twenty dollars · Omahas, Io- For the Omahas, Iowa s, Ottoes,’and Ysncton and Santie Sioux, . uner e n 1eo ereayo e een o uyeig een w¤¤0¢¤<>•>¤ d th tethart'cl iyth t t fth rift th t‘J1 'ht gg g::§;°° hundred and thirty, in relation to hallibreeds of these tribes, ione thou- Sioux. sand dollars; Cb¤q*¤‘°' lg For the various expenses growing out of the location and sale of “""““°“" °' Choctaw reservations, and perfecting titles to the same, and for additional compensation to blacksmiths, as provided for by the ninth section . of the ap: of June thirty, eighteen hundred and thirty-four, eight thousand eig t hundred and sixty dollars · Osage;. For carrying into effect the fifth arid sixth sections of the treaty with the Osages of June second, eighteen hundred and twenty-five, relative to reservations for haliibreeds and for schools, two thousand dollars; Keane. For carrying into effect the sixth article of the treaty with the Kanzas of the third of June, eighteen hundred and twenty-five, in relation to reservations for hallibreeds five hundred dollars; Delswarss. For carrying into elieot ihe supplementary article of the treaty with the ldelawares of the third of December, eighteen hundred and eighteen, in re ation to reservations forschools five hundred dollars · rr,,,.,,,,,,,,;; for For the erection of a horse-mill is stipulated in the fihh article of Miesourias end the treaty. with the Ottoes and Missourias of the twenty-first of Sep- 0“°°'· tember,_ eighteen hplndreddand thirty-three, in addition to a former Y appropriation, nine andre dollars; fgdlaélpgmiéhs Fog gdpitioualhoompeusauon to blaokemiths for the Cherokees, as F ¤'° °¤¤· provide or in the ninth section of the act of June thirtieth eighteen 183% °h·l62· hundred and thirty-four, four hundred and eighty dollars; ,