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TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch.38. 1837. 169 For compensation to the District Attorneys and Marshals, as granted District Attorby law, including those in the several Territories, thirteen thousand two ”,fl'“ and Ma" hundred and fifty dollars; ° °l“‘ For defraying the expenses of the Supreme Court and the District Ex uses of Courts of the United States, including the District of Columbia; also, lh? §i‘P*'°m°· _ for jurors and witnesses in aid of the funds arisin from fines enalties Clmlm and . . . _ g 9 P l D1S[f1C[ COUIISI and forfeitures incurred in the year eighteen hundred and thirty-seven &c. and preceding years; and likewise for defraying the expenses of suits in which the United States are concerned, and of prosecutions for offences committed against the United States, and for the safe-keeping of prisoners, three hundred and thirty thousand dollars; For expenses of printing the records of the Supreme Court, three Rcccrdsd-Su thousand dollars; pm,.,,, Coun ` For the payment of pensions granted by special acts of Congress, one pensions_ thousand and fifty dollars; For the support and maintenance_ of light-houses, floating-lights, r,;gh,_h0,,m beacons, buoys, and stakages, including the purchase of lamps, oil, &.c. keepers’ salaries, repairs, improvements, and contingent expenses, two hundred and ninety-eight thousand and fifty-five dollars; For a bell, and fixing the same on the light-house at Cove point in Bcumr ht, the Chesapeake bay, being the amount of an appropriation for that pur- l¤0¤}¤¤ M Cove pose, which will be carried to the surplus fund, one thousand two hun- P°"‘°‘ dred dollars; For a light-house at the mouth of Chefuncte river, being the amount Light·house at of a former appropriation for that object, which will be carried to the m¤¤lh Qf Clwsurplus fund, five thousand dollars; {umm ml"' For two small beacon-lights on Cockspur island, at the mouth of Two small Savannah river, including four thousand dollars already appropriated, b°¤°°¤USl>*¤°¤ which will be carried to the surplus fund, seven thousand dollars; g,°,fkSl"" m' For survey of the coast of the United States including arrears of Smog of compensation and expenses of the superintendent, estimating his com- **0**8*: · S- pensation at three thousand dollars per annum, and his expenses at the same rate from August second eighteen hundred and thirty-two, and including also, such additional payment to the army and navy officers employed upon the survey for their past services and expenses as the President may decide to be just and proper, sixty thousand dollars; For completing the public warehouse at Baltimore, fifty thousand Warehouse at dol] ms ; Baltimore. For the custom-house at Boston, one hundred and fifty thousand Custonnhcuse dO]],,,.S; sr Boston. For refunding duties on railroad iron to the Lexington and Ohio Rd-uuding dm Railroad Company, imported in eighteen hundred and thirty-two and ties on rail-road eighteen hundred and thirty-three, per act of second July, eighteen ¤°¤· hundred and thirty-six, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-four- 1836*°h‘ M' dollars; For expense in relation to the relief of certain insolvent debtors of rmorvsm the United States, three thousand dollars; d¤l¤¤0¤'¤· For deficiency in the fund for the relief of the sick and disabled sea- Dmbled Sn, men as established by act of third May eighteen hundred and two, men. twenty-five thousand dollars; 1S°2’ °h‘ 5I' For the compensation to two keepers of the public archives in Florida, Am;,;,,, in one thousand dollars; Fl01'l¢l¤· For the discharge of such miscellaneous claims against the United Miscellaneous States, not otherwise provided for, as shall be admitted in due course °l°“"““· of settlement at the Treasury, twelve thousand dollars; _ _ For an addition to the existing unexpended balances of appropriation guwemof for surveys of the public lands, to be duly apportioned to the several public ds. districts, according to the exigencies of the public service, one hundred md fifty thousand dollars; ' Vor,. V.—22 P