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172 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I1. (211.33. 1837. Furniture of For furniture of the Presidenfs hcuee, twenty thousand dollars; LM P'“‘d°“*" For the taxes on the ursenal ucar Phxladelphla, for the years eighteen

 0,,. the hundred and thirtéy-Eve, and eighteen hundred and thirty-six, one thou.

arsenal neqr sand four hundre and fifty dollars and fifty oents; PRhQ”@jg£‘:¤d For the salaries of the registers and receivers of land offices where rwgairé of there are no sales, including one thousand seven hundred and six do]- land omces. Iam and thirty-four cents, carried to the surplus fund, two thousmd five hundred dollars · Construction For the construction of the Treasury building, for the year eighteen <>Yfi‘{¤¤¤¤rY hundred and thirty-seven, in addition to the amount unexpendod in b"'m*“g‘ eighteen hundred and thirty-six, two hundred and fifty-seven thousand dollars · Construction For the construction of the Patent Office, in addition to former appro· ‘g£;‘;°“° priations, one hundred thousand dollars; gurvgying in For surveying unfinished portions of townships, islands, and lakes, Arkansas. in Arkansas, at the rate of six dollars per mile, six thousand dollars; Compensation For compensation to George Wattcrston, for his services in preparing {gui;} W"' a statement of the persons imprisoned for debt in this District, since one thousand eight hundred zmd twenty, under a resolution of the

 House of Representatives, six hundred dollars;

J"§l**·l;&P:£i¤* For building a. light-house at or near Michigan City, being an amount ga:heretofore appropriated for the same purpose, and carried to the surplus . fund five thousand dollars· Bliyargrtc near Fdr rebuilding the lazaietto and wharf near the city of Baltimore, ““ '°* thirty thousand dollars; L°§§5l°‘}.'$V*!¤· For arrearages for the expenses of the Legislative Assembly of the

g;m¥° u' Territory of Wisconsin, for the year one thousand eight hundred and

thirty-six, fifteen thousand seven hundred and thirty dollars and sixteen cents · Expenses of Foisthe expenses of the same, for the year one thousand eight hun- '“'“° l-°' IS"' dred and thirty-seven, thirty-six thousand seven hundred and sixty-five dollars · fgségfeg r12g?- For en outfit zmd salary of a chargé d’a.Ii'aires to Naples, nine thou- I sand doll:u·¤· pglxorations, For alterations and re airs of the ca itol and incidental ex enses P P a P s

 °flh¤ <=¤Pi· three thousand six hundred dollars;

Timing For lighting lamps and superintendence of the public grounds bmw &.¤. around the capitol, five thousand one hundred and sixty-four dollars; as- I_· b0¤¤- To enable the President to cause the southwestern boundary line of gy m?` the United States to be run, the following sums, viz: siO§;‘:_f'“°’ For the sulury of a commissioner, two thousand five hundred dollars; 5m·y,y°r,&c_ For the salary of a surveyor, two thousand dollars; and for contin- P geucies, including the purchase of necessary instruments, wages to ‘°°'“°' attendants, and other expenses, ten thousand dollars; Provided, That stud commissioner and surveyor be appointed with the advice and consent of the Senate;

g;?¥g\ ¤¤g For exploring and surveying the north and east boundary line of the

um °°“ "Y United States, where the same has not already been surveyed, and establishing monuments thereon, agreeably to the delinitive treaty of peace i of seycntecn hundred and eighty-three, to be expended under the direction of the President of the United States, twenty thousand dollars; MW6 ¤S¤b!¤ For enlarginv the public stable at the capitol and the erection of a at the capitol. t' . . ’ .

h6c3fo3tl1e pr0tection of the tools, implements and materials, twelve

un rc dollars; 0¥”;}l:;°gf’?;°i**¤ For completing the improvements eommenoed, by extending the Bggmm pl ° capitol square west, forty thousand dollars;

    • °*'¤¤°¤¤· For alterations and repairs of the Presidente house, and for super-