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292 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 180. 1838. ‘C,,_,.y·S Fm.; I Forerectlng a llgllt-llO\lSQ 011 C3.l'y’$ FOR YGOf, fo1’lZ}’ lZll0l1SaIrd dgnms reef. in addition to the appropriation already madie for tha; purpose Gre C rn- And somuch of the appropriation ereto ore ma e an unexpended bcrl¤;iiisl¤nd· for n light-house on Amelia island, be, and hereby ns, appropriated, {Or the removal of the light-house situated on the southern ond of Great Cumberland island to the said site on Amelia island. Two Sm of I Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, 'I hat the Secretary of the Tree. dioptricorlenu- sury be, and he hereby rs, directed to cause two sets of droptrrc or ¤¤l¤Y ¤PP¤*¤*¤° lenticular apparatus, one of the first, the other of the second class, and °"d °“° s" °f also one set if he deems it expedient, of the reflector apparatus, all of tha magma ap. th t’ ro ed kinds to be imported and to cause the said several r r s e mos 1m v , » l):l;’;;d‘;°¤d sets to be self up, and their merits, as compared with the apparatus in

2::;d'T‘°m° use, to be tested by full and satisfactory experiments; and the sum of

fifteen thousand dollars, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, is hereby appropriated for that purpose; and the Secretary of the Treasury is also further authorized to ascertain, by _ suitable and proper experiments, the merits of the apparatus lately iu- E_ 3;,,,,;-, ,1,- vented by·Mr, E..Blunt, of New York ; and 1f, in his judgment, rt has pawns, &·<=- merits which yustrfy the adoption of it, he is hereby authorized to contract with Mr. Blunt, to light any light-hguse on the co3st;_with11t;band the sum of one thousand dollars is here y appropriate or the a ove urposes. And the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby further author- P . . A·M<>r¤¤’¤ T0; ized to ascertain the merits of the patent fog-bell of Andrew llllorse b“u' `unior, and if he deems it expedient to establish one on the coast, the J . sum of twenty-five hundred dollars is hereby approprfated for that purpose, out of any money not otherwise appropriated. Measures to Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That in order that Congress may be ¤=!l<¤¤ lzY*•h° be furnished with more exact information in regard to light-houses, the g,,r:’Ql$"6:;?" light-house system, the Itresident is hereby authorizeld to drvidfp the grass maybe Lake and Atlantic coasts mto such districts as he may eem expe rent, ¤*`¤l¤h°d Wh and he shall appoint a naval officer or officers, if the public service will }f,’€;,§§;°i;",:,_ allow of it, to survey and examine each district, with reference to all tile gsrdmlglrt. objects aforesaid; and rt shall be their further duty to inspect all the °¤¤°¤· C- l1ght—houses, hght-boats, buoys, beacons, &,c. and to report upon their 18a2,ch.112, present condition and usefulness; also to inquire and report whether lm- the present public emergencies require any, and if any, what, further additional works and improvements of the above description, and of what kind; and, also, further, to reportwhether, in their yudgment,‘the public mterest requires any modification of the system of erecting, spperintending, and {managing thehl1ightgropl$p, light-boats, gc. ; arm 1 so in w at partrcu ars; an eac oar s report separa e y on Sw TMS_ to these matters; which reports shall be laid before Congress. instruct officers Sec. 4. And be it further enacted That the Secretary of the Trea-

,°t°*°'!'l“° and Bury be, and hereby is, directed to instruct such officers to examine

,y;°,,:l{°{,*;°Q;,,;f and determine whether it be expedient to construct light-houses,_or drentra con. beacon·l1ghts, and other works hereinafter described, at the following Slfllct ll`l6 fol- Places, viz g 1°iiE,",,$,,?'°'k?' In the State af Maine.—A light-house on the Western point, so Western point. called, at the entrance of York harbor. · Heron’s neck. vAl1ght-house at Heron’s neck, on Green’s island, in the town of inalhaven. l%¤ddl¢·l>¤¢k A sea-wall to protect a light-house heretofore authorized to be ° g°’ erected, on Saddle-back ledge, in Penobscot bay, and the expediency of erecting sard light-house provided such wall be necessary to its _ _ security. hiyaé; "“’°’ A light-house on the island at the entrance of Little-river harbor, in ' the town of Cutler. Sailrosk. A light-house on “Sail rock " off West Quoddy head, and the removal to said site of the fog—bell now located on West Quoddy head.