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TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 180. 1838. 293 A monument on Fiddler’s ledge, near the mouth of Penobscot bay. Fiadlcws A light on the Southern island at the mouth of Tennant's harbor, at l¢<g9°- , St. George. mdf’“°h°"‘ ‘“l‘ Buoys at the following places, to wit : On J acknife ledge; on Jncknife ledge, White’s ledge; off Lee’s island ; all near the mouth of Kennebec river. }’V*‘§‘°Y*, '°:¤°· In the State of .Massachusetts.-—-A bridge to connect Plum island "iirssggiiuimn with the mainland near Newburyport. Plum island. A light-house or beacon on or near a point called the Point of Rocks, Point ct at the mouth of Wesport harbor. R°°k‘· A light·boat between Succonessett point and a shoal called the Horse- _ shoe, in the northern channel of Vineyard sound. S0X:":i°Y"’d In the State of C'onnectieut.——For a light-boat of increased size on Connecticut. Bztrtlett’s reef, and a light-boat in lieu of the one stationed at said island. Bu-tletvs reel In the State of New York.-A light-house on Teller’s point, in the New York-_ Hudson river. A light-house on the pier at the mouth of Genesee river. A light-house on Bartlett’s point, at the mouth of the bay formed Butletvs ' by the entrance of French creek into the river St. Lawrence. A light- P°i¤*· house on the west end of Fisher’s island, at a place called Race point. Race point- A light-house on the Hudson river, at a point about one mile south of H¤dS<>¤ rll/¢¤· the village of Athens. A light-house on the northwest point of Gardi- g·**dl¤¢¤’¤ isb ner’s island, Suffolk county. "' ‘ _ A light-house or light—boat on Execution rock, Long Island sound. m5,"°°"“"" In the State of Ohio.-A beacon-light on a point near Delaware ohio. flats, so called, in the Maumee bay. D¤l¤W¤l‘¤ A beacon-light on the lower end of Big island, near the foot of the u°§{Em,md_ rapids of the Maumee river. ‘ In the State d` North Carolina.--A light-boat with one or more N. Carolina. lights, on the shoals below, or in the vicinity of, Tar river. Tar river-. A light·boat of increased size at Brant island, in lieu of the one now Brant island. stationed at said island. A light-boat to be stationed 0H' Blulf point in Albemarle sound. Bluffpoinh In the State of South Carolina.——A light-boat on Port Royal bar; S- Carolinatwo buoys in Port Royal sound; a light·house on the south point of b;°’l,§£YQ0yal Otter island, in St. Helena sound; a beacon-light on Marsh island, at sound. Otter the head of said sound; and such beacons and buoys as may be neces- S‘}°·“g· &f°'Sh sary in the North and South Edisto sounds. For erecting buoys on B °° ’ ' St. Helena bar, one thousand dollars. In the State of Alabama.—A light-house on Cedar point, and buoys é\l¤l>¤m¤·_ between Cedar point and Lake Borgne. mm P°mt‘ In the State of Kentucky.-—-A light-house at the port of Louisville. K°¤*¤°l<Y- In the State of IZlinois.—A light-house at the mouth of Little Calu- Illinois met river. In the State of Mchigan.—A beacon-light on a point near the town Michiganof Mackinac. A light-house at the mouth of the river Maskegon, Lake Michigan. A light·house at the mouth of St. Mary’s river, on Lake Huron. A light-house at Stony Point, on Lake Erie. A light-house at the mouth of Clinton river, on Lake St. Clair. Clinton river. A light-house at the mouth of North Black river, Lake Michigan. A light-house at the mouth of South Black river, Lake Michigan. In the Territory of Wisconsin.-—A light-house at the mouth of Sauk Wisccnslnriver, in Lake Michigan. A light-house at Southport, on Lake Michigan. _ _ A light·house at the mouth of Kewaumee river, on Lake Michigan. In the Territory of Florida.—-Two light-houses on the two Totugas Fmt5a, islands, as substitutes for the present light-house on Bush key. 'I`°*¤¤§¤¤ i¤l· Alight-house atCape St. Bias, near the entranceto theSaint Joseph bay. Cape St. Blu. A light-house on Egmont key, Tampa bay.Egmont Key. Sec. 5. And be it farther enacted, That in all oasgs where approz