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TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 274. 1842. 573 county. From West Liberty, via Middleburg, to Quincy, in Logan county. From Urbanna, via Middletown and Lewisburg, to Cobertfs, in Union county. From Zanesville, by the Ridge Road, to Marietta, to the point where said road intersects the river road. In Lzdicma.-·From Middletown, via Tomlinson’s Mill, Muncietown, Indiana Albany, to Camden. From Muncietown, via Granville, Hartford, Montpelier,· to Bluffton. From Deerfield, via Ridgeville, Fairview, Albany, Granville, to Wheeling. From New Rochester, Ohio, via Richville, to Newville, Indiana, thence, via Auburn, Asa Brown’s, Augusta, Sparta, Leesburg, to the post route from Lima to Peru. From Fort Waync, via Columbia, Oswego, Leesburg, to Plymouth. From Valparaiso, via Elder French’s, Isaac Cornell’s, Thomas Dinwiddie’s, Pleasant Grove, to West Creek Post Office. From Washington, Daviess county, via Edwardsport, to Carlisle, in Sullivan county. From Washington, Daviess county, to Bedford, in Lawrence county. From Augusta, via North Port, Wolcott’s Mills, White’s Corners, Bloomfield, Ontario, to Lima. From Terre Haute, in the county of Vigo, via Samuel Young’s, Urbanna, and Lewis, in said county, to Linton, in Green county. From Terre Haute, via Ephraim Kester’s, in Vigo county, Williamsburg, Sullivan, to Carlisle, in the county of Sullivan. From Carlisle, in Sullivan county, via Pleasant, M. O. Haver’s, Aaron Hagerman’s, Bogardsville, and Scotland, in Green county, to Springville, in Lawrence county. From Warsaw, in Koskiusko county, to Plymouth, Marshall county. From Delphi, in Carroll county, via Camden, Fisher’s Mills, and Bridge’s Blacksmith Shop, to Coshows, on the Michigan road. From Crawfordsville, by Sugar Grove and Old Shawnee village, to Shawnee Post Office. In Illinois.-—-From Springfield, Illinois, to Carrollton, via Lick Creek. ml¤°l¤· From Dixon, Sterling, Union Grove, Fulton City, Lyons, Dewitt, Independent Grove, in the county of Clinton, via Washington Ferry, in Cedar County, Iowa Territory, to Iowa city, in said Territory. From Knoxville, Illinois, to Millersburg, Mercer county, thence to Bloomington, in the Territory of Iowa. From Jacksonville to Pekin, via Princeton, Chandler’s Bath, and Havana. From Southport, Illinois, to Beloit, Wisconsin. From Juliet, Will county, to Dundee, in Kane county, Illinois. From Ottowa, Illinois, to Wilmington. From Hillsborough, in Montgomery county, by Audubon, to Shelbyville, in Shelby county. From Vienna, by Halderman and Caledonia, to Cairo. From Belleville, by Centreville, to Waterloo. From Edwardsville, by Helvetia, to Shoal Creek. From Jerseyville to Gilead. From Chester, by Hobb’s Ridge and Georgetown, to Sparta, and from Pinkneyville, to Brownsville, Illinois. From Waterloo, by James’s Mill, to Harrisonville. In ]lIiss0uri.——-Frorn Marshall, Saline county, via Greenville and Missmm- Miami Post Office, to Carrollton. From Caledonia, Washirigton county, to Van Buren, in Ripley county, via the seat of justice of Shannon county. From Van Buren, Ripley county, Missouri, via Alfred Deatherade’s and John Shields’s, to Little Piney Post Office. From Merrimack Iron Works, Crawford county, via Bu1‘dine’s on Bryanlfs Fork, Grigsby, on Little North Fork of White river, to Forsyth, Taney county. From Paris, Monroe county, via Bloomington, and Centreville, to the seat of justice of Adair county. From Carrollton, via Chilicothe and Trenton, in Grundy county, to Union Mills, in said county. From Marshall, via Salt Pond and .lohnson’s Grove, to Lexington. From Eleven Points, Ripley county, via Green B. Hesterley’s, to Jackson, in Arkansas. From Thorp’s Mill, Holt county, via John Blair’s, Daniel Dearborn’s, and Roundtree’s, to Sonora, on the Missouri river. From Plattsburg, via Boyer’s settlement, Third Fork of Platte river, and Rochester, on the main Platte river, to Savannah. From Platte city, via the county seats of Buchanan and Andrew coun-