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574 TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cir. 274. 1842. ties, to the county seat of Holt county. From Bluff Grove, Grundy county, to William Miller’s, on Grand river. From Brunswick, Chariton county, to Chilicothe. From Rockland Mills, Saline county, to Longwood, Pettis county. From Richmond, in Ray county, to Sparta, in Buchanan county. From Springfield, via Robert Patterson’s, in Green county, and Jeremiah Parsons’s, Isham P. Poole’s, and Henry S. Ormsby’s, in Pulaski county, to Caledonia, in Washington county. From Bolivar, via William Snowden’s, to Sarcoxie, in Newton county. From Herman, on the Missouri river, via Heath’s store, near the mouth of Gasconade river, to Lisletown, in Osage county. From Chilicothe to BlutY Grove. From Tuscurnbia, via the mouth of N ianga river, to Bolivar. From the town of New Madrid to Smith’s Landing on the Mississippi river. From Paris, via Woodville, to Bloomington. From Eleven Points to Ozark, in Ozark county. From Cave Spring, Pulaski county, via Hartsville, in Wright county, and Ozark Court-house, to Forsyth in Taney county. From Lisletown to Westphalia. From Springfield, Green county, to Harmony Mission, Bates county. From Grovoise, Kinderhook county, by Oregon, Bensborough, and Oakland, to Hartsville in the county of Wright. From Springfield, by Greenfield to county seat of Jasper county. From Brunswick in Chariton county, to Union Mills in Grundy county. From Farmington, by Bonaparte and Keosanque, Iowa Territory, to Iowaville. From Breesville, Illinois, via Wittenberg, to Apple Creek post office, Cape Girardeau county. From West Prairie to Grand Prairie, in Stoddard county. From Elkhorn post office, Ray county, to Plattsburg, Clinton county. A¥l<¤¤¤¤¤· In Arkansas.-—-From Antoine, in Clark county, to Ultima Thule, in Sevier county, on the FortTowson road. From Fayetteville, Washington county, by way of Stout’s Mills, Onstol’s Mills, and the head of Cove creek, to Natural Dam, in Crawford county. From the town of Elizabeth, in Jackson county, to Pocahontas, in Randolph county. From Clinton, in Van Buren county, to Yellville, in Marion county, through Lebanon, in Searcy county. From Whittington, Hot Spring county, via Aiken’s store and Duston’s mill, to Mount Ida, intersecting the mail route, from Scott court-house, to Washington, in Hempstead county, at that place. From Columbia, Chicot county, by way of Bayou Boeuf, to Monroe, in Louisiana. From Jackson, in Lawrence county, in Arkansas, by way of Williams’s, on Strawberry river, to Izard court-house. Mlchigm- In Mc/eégan.—From Middleville, in Barry county, via Gun Lake, Martin, and Watson, to Allegan. From Grand Rapides, via Lake Alone, to Middleville. From the village of Charlotte, via the village of Vermontville, to intersect the route from the Grand Rapides, to Hastings. From Bellevue, via Oneida post-office, to Grand River city. From Owasco, via Duplane, Bingham, Bengal, and Lebanon, to Lyons. From Quincy, on the Indiana and Marshall State road, to Brockville, Indiana. From Sagan aw city to Lower Saganaw. From Blisstield, through Ogden to Fairfield post office. From Kalamazoo, via Brady’s post office, Vicker’s mill, Centreville, and Sherman village, to Lima, Indiana. From Lakeville, by Oxford, Brandon, and Eagle Lake, to Groveland. From the village of Battle Creek, in Calhoun county, to Hastings, the county site of Barry county. From Whitmansville, via Charleston, to Lafay- ette. From Belvidere to Mount Clemens. From Belvidere to Detroit. From the village of Marshall, in Calhoun county, through Verona, to Hastings. From the village of Marshall, in Calhoun county, Michigan, via Trecousa, to Girard Branch court—house. From Granville to Port Sheldon, in Ottowa county. From Logansport to White Pigeon, via Leesburg, Milford, Goshen, and Middleburg. From Flint, in Genesee county, via Bearsleyville and Richmond, to Lapier. From Cassopolis, through Whitniansville, to Keelersville. From Monroe, Ypsilanti, by Stony creek, Exeter, Huron, and Roson’s mill. From Flat Rock, in the town-