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26 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C`u.60. 1836. S·n·rv·r1·: I. May 9, 1836. CHAP. LX.-dn Act providing for the salaries of certain officcra therein named, ———-#——· and for other purposes. Translator _Be it enacted by Je Senate and House of Representatives af the S¢¤¤¤ D¤1>¤¤- United States of America m Congress assembled, That the translator "‘°“°‘ of foreign languages and the librarian in the Department of State, shall receive a salary of sixteen hundred doliars. Difpurfng That the disbursing agent in said Department be allowed a salary, ’g°“ “‘ °·- of fourteen hundred and fifky dollars. Sem-mx-y of That the Secretary of the Treasury be and he is hereby authorized T*'°*;¤“*'Y *° _ to employ two additional clerks, to enable; him to carry int; effect the ggrkly tw° provisions of the second section of the act of the third of March, cig};. 1835, ch. 48. teen hundred and thirty-five, one at a salary of eleven hundred and 18fg;Q;£?¤§5· fifty dollars, and the other at a salary of one thousand dollars. - That the assistant messcn cr in said De artment b all w d th m B . g p B 0 e c sum

:;¤:§;fs£¤- of six hundred and fifty dollars.

Y· That the assistant messenger in the First Comptrollcis office bc Fig Qgfiispf allowed the annual compensation of five hundred dollars. miler. For the cmplcfyment of clerks and messengers for the office of the mE;?; :;**:1 Commissioner 0 Pensions, in addition to those authorized by Iaw, gmcg 0% (;°m_ twelve thousand two hundred dollars. missioner of That the annual compensation of the messenger in the oiice of the P°{Eg;‘;‘ cr Commissioner of Indian Aifajrs, be seven hundred dollars. ogg., ,,,· That thefommissioncrs of the Navy Board be authorized to employ A uirq._ a clerk in a dition to those authorized by law at the sum of nine hunc,;},f·{;¤¤1q=;}vy me dollars. ’ }3.§,d_ hThat the Surveyor General of Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan, be auurve or Qs- t orized to employ two clerks at a sum not exceeding twenty-three hun- 'gfltsigigf; dred dollars, and that he be allowed the further sum of four thousand gildgignnl do*1;s fog agditional clerk hire. ¤ er s. at t c urveyor Genera] of Illinois and Missouri be authorized to n£§f1’)‘:·ym£)‘g employ clerks at a sum not exceeding three thousand eight hundred and m;::::;;;; 2:- ‘"¥‘$’J¥£}‘°éS‘ G a1 f A k b an d th · f · a c urveyor ener o r ansas c owe c sum 0 two neral of Arkan· th · . . . t f ousand eight hundred dollars for clerk lure m has officc. 1£;,°r°1°rk That the Surveyor of Louisizma be allowed the sum of twenty-Eve Lfqqvcyc; of hundred dollars for clerk hire in his officc. cls25mg_ °' That the Surveyor General of Mississippi be allowed the sum of Eve Slawgynar Ga. thqgiandhdollars for clerk hire in his 0H50c. "P“¤_ ° i¤$i¤· att c Surveyor General of Alabama be allowed the sum of two SiPPl,0Ic\’k hire, thou d d · . . Surveyor G8_ san 0 aus for clerk lure m hxs officc. merglqf Abba. That the Surveyor General of Florida be allowed the sum f tht mg, glcrk hze. thousand five hundred dollars for clerks in his 0iHcc. 0 ca mr; ;§’J§?fori That {hc Secretary of Wgr be, aqd he is hereby authorized to employ, fo;-&:·|i;g,t° be £<;;r@ea¢5:3cX};;¤;gc of the? varxcuf dunes lof the Department, the following cmpbyedin the I k scngcrs, one c ark at snxteen hundred dollars, and cnc Department of c cr utfourtecn hundred dollars gl to be employed in the business of Wggwiso gzgsyzgaglagaf rasntdbgrantslundgrflndnm treaues : Erovided, That th'; said

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P§l£;§°6'¥;‘j clerks for the Ppnsion officc at ongnguglusigzl dcmlugugalgngnirio be I th Q hugged cinli durging the present year. n c ua:. xx c er s an one messenger in the Qumtcrmastcr Ge¤ara]’s oHicc tenmaster Ge- whom com C - h. ’ ul, Om _ p nsanon s all be as follows; one clerk at sixteen hundred mr 8 °° gcgars, one clerk at twelve hundred dollars, four clerks at one thousand tl? gs each, and one messenger at five hundred dollars, one clerk for the rdnance Office at twelve hundred dollars, and four clerks at one t cvfsans dgllars each. One clerk for the Adjutant Geueral’s Office at we vc un red dollars, and three clerks ut one thousand dollars each.