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70*2 TWENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C1r.10’7. 1844. Examination For the examination of the navy-yard and bottom of the harbor of

  • >f P<=¤¤¤<=¤l¤ Pensacola, for the purpose of ascertaining whether a dry dock can bg

h"b°r‘ constructed and at what cost; and whether a dry dock or a floating dock with or without a basin and railways would be most suitable for that place; and the Secretary of the Navy is hereby directed to appoint a competent board of officers and engineers to examine and report to Congress at its next session the relative properties and advantages of a dry dock, and of the different kinds of floating docks with or without a Ymd at POM_ basin and railways; five thousand dollars. And that a similar examinamouth to be tion be made at the navy-yard near Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and a °X¤mi¤°‘· report made on the expediency of making a dry dock there. Mggazingg at For Tl'\8g3.ZlD.CS, viz Z Charleston. At Charleston, two hundred dollars; Brooklyn. At Brooklyn, two hundred dollars; Washington. At Washington, two hundred dollars; Norfolk. At Norfolk, seven hundred and fifty dollars. Contingent For contingent expenses that may accrue for the following purposes, expenses. viz ; Freighabooks, For the freight and transportation of materials and stores of every &°· description; for printing and stationery; for books, maps, charts, mathematical and nautical instruments, chronometers, models and drawings; for the purchase and repair of fire-engines, and for machinery of every description; for the repair of steam-engines in yards; for the purchase and maintenance of horses and oxen; for carts, timber-wheels, and workmen’s tools of every description; for postage of letters on public service; for coals and other fuel; for candles and oil for use of vessels of war in commission and of navy-yards and shore stations; for incidental labor at navy-yards and on board vessels not chargeable to any other appropriation ; for labor attending the delivery of public stores and supplies on foreign stations; for wharfage, dockage, storage and rent, travelling expenses of officers, and transportation of seamen; house rent to pursers, when duly authorized; funeral expenses, commissions, clerk hire, store rent, office rent, stationery and fuel to navy agents and naval storekeepers; premiums, and incidental expenses of recruiting; apprehending deserters; per diem allowance to ·persons attending courts—martial and courts of inquiry, or other services authorized by law; compensation to judge advocates; printing and stationery of every description, and for working the lithographic press; pilotage and towing vessels of war; assistance rendered to vessels in distress; and for no other purpose whatever, four hundred thousand dollars; Contingencies, For contingent expenses for objects not hereinbefore enumerated, five thousand dollars; Coal, sro. For coal and other fuel for steam vessels, forty thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars; Mmm, corps, Jllarine C0rps.—For pay of officers, non-commissioned officers, 0Hi<=¢¤» &¤· musicians, privates and servants serving on shore, and subsistence of °" °h°r°' officers, two hundred thousand eight hundred and fifteen dollars and sixty cents; C,,,,h,,,,_ For clothing, forty-three thousand six hundred and thirty-five dol- _Prosidei-it may lars: and the President of the United States is hereby authorized to f)£;;;'““s{°’ °f direct the transfer of any unexpended balance of appropriation hereto- ' fore made for the pay or subsistence of the marine corps, to the head of clothing for the marine corps; Provisions_ ccftcgr provisions, forty-five thousand and eleven dollars and ninety-five ! FRL For fuel, sixteen thousand two hundred and seventy-four dollars and Mmmy twelve cents; Stores, are. For military stores, repair of arms, pay of armorers, accoutrements,