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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/839

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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG. , 1ST SESS.-CH. 512-AUG. 7, 147 such number, not to exceed two, as the Secretary of the Navy shall determine to be necessary to meet the requirements of the Marine Corps. (v) Officers recommended for retirement in the report of a board convened pursuant to subsections (1), (m), and (t) of this section, as approved by the President, shall, if not otherwise retired pursuant to law, be placed on the retired list on June 30 of the then current fiscal year with retired pay at the rate of 2/2 per centum of their active-duty pay in the grade in which serving at the time of retire- ment multiplied by the number of years of service for which they would be entitled to credit in the computation of pay on the active list had they been serving in the grade of colonel at the time of their retirement, but retired pay so computed shall not exceed a total of 75 per centum of said active-duty pay. (w) From among the officers designated for supply duty who are eligible for consideration for continuation on the active list the board shall recommend for such continuation those officers whom it con- siders best fitted for continued service on the active list in number equal to the number furnished the board by the Secretary of the Navy. (x) Nothing in this section shall be held to reduce the retired rank or pay to which an officer would be entitled under other provisions of law. (y) The report of a board convened pursuant to the provisions of subsections (1), (m), and (t) of this section shall be submitted to the President for approval or disapproval; if the President shall disapprove the recommendations of the board in whole or in part, the board shall then recommend additional appropriate general officers for retirement equal to the number disapproved by the President. DETERMINATION OF UPPER AND LOWER HALF REAR ADMIRALS SEC. 115. Rear admirals on the active list of the line in the upper half of that grade, exclusive of officers carried as additional numbers in grade, shall be entitled to the pay and allowances prescribed by law for rear admirals of the upper half: Provided, That for the purpose of determining the number of rear admirals in the upper half, there shall be excluded those officers carried as additional numbers in that grade, and each rear admiral carried as an additional number in that grade shall be entitled to such pay and allowances from the date on which the officer next junior to him becomes entitled thereto pursuant to this section. EFFECTIVE DATE OF TITLE I SEC. 116. Sections 101, 102, and, as to distribution, sections 103 and 114 of this title shall be effective upon the date of approval of this Act. The remaining provisions of this title shall be effective upon the termination of title III of this Act. TITLE II-PERMANENT PROVISIONS RELATING TO OFFICERS OF THE STAFF CORPS OF THE NAVY PERMANENT STATUS OF TITLE II SEC. 201. The provisions of this title shall constitute permanent, as distinguished from terminable, provisions of law relating to the dis- tribution of commissioned officers in the various grades of the Staff Corps of the Regular Navy, to the promotion of such officers to the grades above that of lieutenant (jumor grade), and to their involun- tary separation from the active list. 815 Retired pay. Recommendation for continuation on active list. Retired rank, etc. Submission of re port to President. Ante, pp. 79, 811. PoS, p. 829.