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INDEX Arkansas-Continued Little Rock- Fifty-ninth annual reunion of Con- federate Veterans, attendance of Marine Band, authorized------- Retention by Federal Works Adminis- trator of custody and control of certain lands ------------ ..--- Arkansas River Compact: Consent of Congress --- . . --- -- -- -- -. Funds for payment of U. S . representa- tive in negotiation and participa- tion; retired Army officer as U. S . representative - -------------- Arline, Mary Jean Hartley (Jean Hartley), deportation suspension------------ Arlington County, Va.: Detention, care, and treatment of per- sons of unsound mind in certain Federal reservations, provision for- Roads and bridges under jurisdiction of Public Roads Administration, ap- propriation for maintenance------ Arlington Farms, Va., retention by Federal Works Administrator of custody and control of certain buildings -

Arlington Memorial Bridge, appropriation for..------.. ---..----..------. Arlington National Cemetery: Appropriation for maintenance------ Carillon, installation by AMVETS, acceptance by U. S . Government-- Arlt, Hans Erich Lothar, deportation sus- pension- ------------------------- Armed Forces Leave Act of 1946: Applicability to commissioned officers of Coast and Geodetic Survey; funds available---------------------- Payments, reduction in appropriation-- Armed Forces of Other Nations, free im- portation privileges; reciprocity pro- vision--------------------------- Armed Forces Policy Counll, composi- tion, functions--------------------- Armed Services Procurement Act of 1947: Central Intelligence Agency, authority under------------------------ Occupied areas, appropriation for De- partment of the Army for govern- ment and relief in, inapplicability Page 158 179 145 786 1222 759 643 182 793 845 907 1247 611 663 666 581 208 to --------------------------- 712 Armstrong, Emma, credit in accounts--- 1099 Armstrong, Robert P. (Ens.), acceptance of gift from foreign government, au-, thorized-- .-- ---- ---- --- ---- - . 1076 Army, Department of the. See also De- fense, Department of.

. Adjutant: General's. Office; appropri-

ation for-- ---------------

x.' 1003 81939° -5 0--PT . --- 83 XVII Army, Department of the-Continued Pae Administration by Secretary, under direction, authority, and control of Secretary of Defense------------ 580 Alaska Communication System- Appropriation for ----------

846 Construction at stations of, author- ized; appropriation authorized_ 934, 935 Alaska Railroad, transfer of surplus property to, authority ----------- 800 Alaska Road Commission, transfer of surplus property to, authority----- 799 Anhydrous ammonia, manufacture for use in occupied areas and Republic of South Korea, authority-------- 713 Appropriation Acts- Civil functions_-

------ --

_ - 845 National Military Establishment --- 987 Appropriation for _ 86, 245, 260, 711, 746, 979 Arctic ionosphere observation stations, transfer of surplus equipment to National Bureau of Standards, authority---------------------_ 468 Arkansas River compact, retired officer as U. S. representative----------- 786 Arlington National Cemetery, installa- . tion of carillon by AMVETS; ac- ceptance --------------------- _ 907 Armed Forces Policy Council, member- ship of Secretary and Chief of Staff, U. S. Army------------- 581 Army Field Forces, funds for------- 260, 998 Aviation cadets, percentage of enlisted men designated as, in time of peace_ 175 Barracks and quarters- Appropriation for -------- .- --- - 996 Limitation on expenditures and obligations ------------------ 1024 Blue Grass Ordnance Depot, Rich- mond, Ky., improvements in ceme- tery plots, appropriation author- ized----------------------- - 904 Bridges, alteration of, appropriation for U. S . share of expenses-------- 848 Brownsville, Tex., transfer of portion of Fort Brown Military Reservation: to Federal Works Agency-. .- ---- 182 Budgetary procedures -------------- 585 Canal Zone-- Employment conditions and restric- tions----------------------851, 1022 Maintenance, etc., appropriation for_ 849 Career Compensation Act of 1949. See separate title. . Cemeterial expenses, appropriation for- 845 Chaplains, Office of Chief of, appro- priation for----- ----------- - 1003 Charleston, S. C. - Porter Academy, removal of restrio- tion in land conveyance ----. .- 492