Popular Science Monthly/Volume 3/Index

I N D E X.

Agassiz's School of Natural History 123
Agassiz and Darwinism 692
Aims of Scientific Education 639
Airy, Sir G. B., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 101
Amarantus Blitum 526
"American Chemist" 395
American Scientific Association 762
Animals, Hypnotism in 618
"Antiquities of the Southern Indians" (by Jones), Notice of 248
Ants, Social Relations of 520
Artificial Respiration in Snake-Poisoning 655
Astronomical Expedition, The Sherman 72
"Atmospheric Theory of the Open Polar Sea" (by Wheeler), Notice of 778
Audible and Inaudible Sounds 781
Axles of Railway Cars 125

Battle of Life among Plants 75
Bessemer Process 254
Bias, Political 172
Bias, Theological 340
Bird, A Hoarding 655
Birds, The Intellectual Powers of 614
Black Death in New England 28
Blood, Coloring Matter of 251
Blood, Transfusion of 509
Boiler Explosions, Theory of 650
Bone-Black, Purification of 397
Borers of the Sea. (Illustrated.) 60
"Bulletin of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences" 777
Butterflies, Controlling Sex in 252

"Caliban, the Missing Link" (by Wilson), Notice of 395
Carbonic Acid, Elimination of, by the Skin 251
Causes which operate to create Scientific Men 65
"Childhood of the World" (by Clodd), Notice of 249
"Chimneys for Furnaces" (by Armstrong), Notice of 777
Cholera 523
Class Bias 45
Classics as a Preparation for English 642
Clay Bowlders 126
Clay-Eaters 521
"Coal Regions of America" (by Macfarlane), Notice of 394
Coffin, Prof., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 503
Coloring Matter of Blood 251
Compulsory Attendance in Colleges 235
Constitution of Matter 547
Constitution of Nebulæ. (Illustrated.) 129
Continents, Old 573
Controlling Sex in Butterflies 252
Crawfish, Reproduction of Eyes in 525

Dangers and Securities of Science 240
Darwinism, what it means 654
Darwinism, Agassiz and 692
Death, Physiology of 270
Deep-Sea Problems 451
Dental Art among the Japanese 250
"Depths of the Sea" (by Thompson), Notice of 122
"Descriptive Sociology" (by Spencer) 516
Diamonds, Remarkable 251
Direction, Faculty of 521
"Diseases of the Urinary Organs" (by Gouley), Notice of 121
Domestic Economy of Fuel 297
Drift-Deposits of the Northwest. (Illustrated.) 202
Drift-Deposits of the Northwest. (Illustrated.) 286
Drought and Cold, Action of, on Forest-Trees 249

Ear, Hygiene of the 139
Early Hindoo Mathematics 334
Economy of Railway Locomotion 146
Education in Japan 120
Education in Sierra Leone 396
Education, Scientific, Aims of 639
Education in the Far West 391
Educational Convention at Elmira 766
Educational Discipline, Science in 510
Egyptian Mines, Ancient 526
Elective Studies at Harvard 769
Electric Telegraph. (Illustrated.) 401
Elimination of Carbonic Acid by the Skin 251
Euthanasia 90
Evolution and Mind 359

Faculty of Direction 521
Fertilization of Flowers 652
Finding the Way at Sea 717
Fish-Culture in New Zealand 650
Flowers, Fertilization of 652
Fly, Viviparous 398
"Foods" (by Smith), Notice of 647
Foods, Nature and Influence of 441
Footprints on the Rocks. (Illustrated.) 428
Forbes, Prof., Life of 770
Forest-Trees, Action of Drought and Cold on 249
Fossil Monkeys 519
Freezing, Effects of, on Wine and Spirits 654
Freezing of Plants and Animals 96
Fuel, Domestic Economy of 193

Gas, Illuminating, New Material for 254
Gases: which Liquefiable 254
Geography in Schools 389
Geological Surveys in their Educational Bearings 243
Glaciers, New England 127
Glaciers, The, and their Investigators 746
Glass-Sponges, The. (Illustrated.) 529
Godwin's, Parke, Letter 115

Habits, Acquired, Hereditary Transmission of 303
Heart-Disease and Overwork 779
Heart, Motions of 781
Heat, Morbid Effects of 497
Henslow, John Stephens. (Portrait.) 159
Hereditary Transmission of Acquired Psychical Habits 303
Heredity in Mastiffs 126
Hindoo Mathematics 321
Hippopotamus, The, and her Baby. (Illustrated.) 85
"Home and School" 774
Hotchkiss's Revolver-Cannon 651
Human Crania, Quatrefages on 779
Hydrophobia and the Imagination 253
Hydrophobia not an Imaginary Disease 509
Hygiene of the Ear 139
"Hygiene: A Fortnightly Journal of Sanitary Science" 122
Hypnotism in Animals 618

Illumination, Magneto-Electric. (Illustrated.) 584
In Quest of the Pole 363
Industrial Occupations of Women 653
Infant Mortality 782
Inherited Traces of Surgical Operations 521
Instinct in Insects 12
Instinct in Insects 149
Intellectual Powers of Birds 614
"Introduction to Chemical Physics" (by Pynchon), Notice of 517
Ivory, Vegetable 251

Japan, Education in 120
Jute, Paper from 524

"Lessons in Elementary Anatomy" (by Mivart), Notice of 247
"Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity" (by Stephen), Notice of 395
Liebig, Baron, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 232
Light-Waves and Sound-Waves 519
Longevity of Trees. (Illustrated.) 321
Lowly Vegetable Forms 469
Lunar Temperatures 448
Madeira as a Health-Resort 653
Magneto-Electric Illumination. (Illustrated.) 584
Man, Antiquity of 255
Matter, The Constitution of 547
"Mechanism of the Ossicles of the Ear" (by Helmholtz), Notice of 249
Mental Science and Sociology 676
Meteorological Observations in the Upper Atmosphere 520
Meteors 123
Mill, John Stuart, his Life and Character. (Portrait.) 367
"Mineral Springs of the United States and Canada" (by Walton.) 515
Mines, Ancient Egyptian 526
Mistletoe, The 397
Mommsen's History 111
Monkeys, Fossil 519
Moon, The 756
Moon, Temperature of 448
Morbid Effects of Heat 497
Mortality, Infant 782
"Mystery of Matter" (by Picton), Notice of 775
"Myths and Myth-Makers" (by Fiske), Notice of 773

Natural Selection 22
National University 689
Nature and Influence of Foods 441
Nature and Origin of the Drift-Deposits of the Northwest 286
Nebula, The Great, in Orion 564
Nebulae, Constitution of. (Illustrated.) 129
Niagara, Observations on 210
Normal Schools, Scientific 113
Notes 128
Notes 255
Notes 399
Notes 527
Notes 655
Notes 783

Observations on Niagara 210
Ocean-Cables 38
Old Continents 573
Orientals at Vienna 493
Orion, The Great Nebula in 564
Overwork, Heart-Disease and 779
Oxygen, Poisoning by 782

Parthenogenesis in Shrimps 399
Physical Science, its Primary Concepts 705
Physiology of Death 270
Plants, The Battle of Life among 75
Plants and Animals, Freezing of 96
Poisonous Volcanic Gases 780
Poisoning by Oxygen 782
Political Bias 172
Politics, Natural Selection in 230
"Popular Lectures on Scientific Subjects," by Helmholtz 513
Porpoise, Habits of the 522
Powers, The Intellectual, of Birds 614
"Prehistoric Races of the United States" (by Foster), Notice of 646
Primary Concepts of Modern Physical Science 705
Problems of the Deep Sea 451
Prophecy, Secular 732
Psychology, The New 32

Quatrefages on Human Crania 779
Quinine, Substitute for 527

Race, A Singular 525
Railway Locomotion, Economy of 146
Remarkable Diamonds 251
"Report on the Noxious, Beneficial, and other Insects of Missouri" 518
"Report of the Board of Directors of the St. Louis Public Schools" 518
Report on a Topographical Survey of the Adirondack Wilderness 519
Reproduction of Eyes in Crawfish 525
Respiration, Artificial, in Snake-Poisoning 655
River-Beds, Changes in 127

Sack-Tree 527
"Sanitary Engineering" (by Latham), Notice of 772
Schools, Geography in 389
Science, its Sphere and Limits 105
"Speculation in 741
"in Educational Discipline 510
"its Dangers and Securities 240
"Physical, its Primary Concepts 705
Scientific Education, Aims of 639
""in the Far West 391
""in England 651
"Normal Schools 113
"Theorizing 245
Sea-Depths, how they are explored (Illustrated) 257
Seal-Fishery 125
Sea-Salt, Production of, in Portugal 252
Selection, Natural 22
"Second Book of Botany" (by Miss E. A. Youmans), Notice of 648
Secular Prophecy 732
Selection, Natural, in Politics 230
Sex in Butterflies 252
Sherman Astronomical Expedition 72
Sierra Leone, Education in 396
Silk-Worms and Sericulture 657
Smith, Prof. J. Lawrence, his Address 762
Snake-Poisoning, Artificial Respiration in 655
Snakes swallowing their Young 783
Sociology, The Study of 45
Sociology, The Study of 172
Sociology, The Study of 340
Sociology, The Study of 594
Sociology, The Study of 676
Sounds, Audible and Inaudible 781
Spectroscope, and the Bessemer Process 254
Speculation in Science 741
Speech, Tongueless 627
Spencer Facts for 525
Sphere and Limits of Science 105
Spiders' Engineering 112
Sponges 524
"Glass (Illustrated) 529
Squirrel, A Blood sucking 399
State Geological Surveys 226
"Steam-Boiler Explosions" (by Colburn) Notice of 777
Stone Age in Italy 111
Surgical Operations, Traces of inherited 521
Surveys, Geological 226
""in their Educational Bearings 243
Sympathetic Vibrations in Machinery 737

Telegraphs Electric. (Illustrated.) 401
"The Microscope and Microscopically Technology" (by Frey), Notice of 121
"The Sanitarian" 650
Theological Bias 340
"Theoretical Navigation and Nautical Astronomy" (by Clark), Notice of 393
Theorizing, Scientific 245
Tongueless Speech 627
"Too materialistic" 644
Torrey, Prof. John, Sketch of. (Portrait) 632
Transfusion of Blood 509
Trees, Longevity of. (Illustrated.) 321
Tyndall's Prof, Deed of Trust 100
Tyndall, Prof., Letter from 241
Typhus, Causes of 124

Utilization of Waste Coal 778
"Unity of Natural Phenomena" (by Saigey), Notice of 772
University, A National 689

"Van Nostrand's Eclectic Engineering Magazine" 122
Vegetable Forms, Lowly 469
Vegetable Ivory 251
Venus on the Sun's Face 355
Vibrations Sympathetic, in Machinery 737
Viviparous Fly 398
Volcanic Gases, Poisonous 780
Vulcan, The Planet 396

Waste Coal, Utilization of 778
Wave-Action in Nature. (Illustrated.) 1
Waves of Light and Sound 519
Weather and Sun 479
Whales, Habits of 124
Wine and Spirits, Effects of Freezing on 654