Spirella Catalogue (1933)/101

Style 2127—Bandeau Brassiere


ADAPTABILITY—This bandeau is designed for the normal bust of the 20-type figure.

The anatomical shaping of the lace bust sections with the firmer material below and between gives a gentle, natural support to the bust, charmingly preserving the outline. Made low in back and without boning this garment is especially suitable for evening wear. The elastic inset in the back gives comfortable freedom.


Bust Sizes—28 to 36.

Waist Sizes—May be ordered 5, 6, 7 or 8 inches smaller than bust, without extra charge.

NOTE—While Spirella Bandeaux do not reach down to the client's waist line, they must be ordered by both bust size and waist size to secure the right proportions at the bottom of the garment for the individual figure.

Style 2127

Front 4   Under Arm 3½   Back 2

In classifying a client as to type for a brassiere, that part of the figure to be controlled by the brassiere must be considered, not the figure as a whole.

No corset or girdle is complete without a brassiere.

For complete information on How to Order, see page 132.

For materials and prices, see Price List. 101