Spirella Catalogue (1933)/98



Abdominal Belts

1. In all abdominal belt series the position of the hook and eye fastening may be changed from the left side, to either the centre front or right side. These changes are provided as Basic Features for use in postoperative cases where the location of the incision makes it necessary.

Sacro-Iliac Belts

2. The sacro-iliac belts may be ordered with the Basic Feature of Substituting Clasp for Hook and Eye Fastening in centre front. The clasp affords a firm surface to pull against in the adjustment and will be found desirable for some figures.


3. Order Spirella Abdominal Belts and Sacro-Iliac Belts by waist size, hip size and centre front below measurement, giving the client's actual measurements taken over the Fitting Garment. Make no deductions for lacing space.

4. Smaller or larger hip sizes than listed in the Catalogue may be ordered by specializing.

5. Order Basic Features by name as given in the Catalogue.

6. When ordering changes from Catalogue measurements or construc- tion indicate the changes required in the spaces provided on the Order Form. A list of changes which may be made in belts is given in the Price List.

Note: Before specializing make sure that you have brought out the best possible lines of your client's figure by the careful adjustment of the Fitting Garment and that it is necessary to make the change.


The 5031 and 5081 Series, Abdominal Belts

7. The back below lengths in these series are made shorter than the usual back below lengths for the 30-type figure. The shorter length of skirt with the greater height in the back, is an aid to the sling support which the garments are designed to give; the anchorage on the body is securely maintained through the sling support.

8. The back below lengths are sufficiently long for comfort and pleasing appearance in practically every case without the need of specializing. To build the skirt in these garments to corset lengths would defeat the purpose of the belt, and interfere with the support which it is designed to give.

Hip Sizes in the 5081 Series

9. You will note that the range of hip sizes for this series does not include sizes 5 and 7 inches larger than the waist. If your client's hip measurement calls for one of these sizes select the next smaller hip size. The extra inch can be taken care of by spacing each of the three lacings just a bit wider.


Sacro-Iliac Belts—Adjustment of the Fitting Garment

10. The purpose of these garments is to give a forward pressure over the sacrum and a firm, secure control around the hips. Make sure that you have adjusted the Fitting Garment just as tightly as you desire to adjust the sacro-iliac belt.

The 5021 and 5061 Series—Abdominal Belts

11. In the adjustment of these belts the front sections should be in position to support the abdomen and the back sufficiently low to curve in under the back below flesh and aid in the anchorage. Bear in mind that on the average figure the top of the belt will come slightly below the waist line in the front.

"How to Put On Your Spirella Belt"

12. An illustrated leaflet is sent out with every Spirella Belt. Use this leaflet as your guide in teaching your client how to wear her gar ment. Emphasize her responsibility in adjusting it correctly each day.

Lacing Space in Abdominal Belts

13. In designing these garments a definite lacing space has been al- lowed for each form of adjustment as follows: (The lacing space in each instance is considered as a part of the size of the belt.)

For the Side-Laced Belts—The 5021, 5061 and 5031 Series—3 inches at top, 3 inches at waist and 3 inches at hip.

In adjusting these garments this spacing is to be evenly divided between the two lacing spaces.

For the Combined Side and Back-Laced Belt—The 5081 Series—6 inches at top, 6 inches at waist and 6 inches at hip.

In adjusting these garments the back lacing is to be spaced about 3 inches from top to bottom and the side lacing 1½ inches on each side.

Lacing Space in Sacro-Iliac Belts

14. Lacing space has been allowed in the design for the back lacing in a sacro-iliac belt as follows:

2 inches at top, 2 inches at waist and 3 inches at hip.