Spirella Catalogue (1933)/97



Style 5038—Sacro-iliac

ADAPTABILITY—This series is specifically designed for the relief of sacro-iliac strain. It provides for the stout or 30-type figure.

The abdominal control, upward and backward, and the lower back control, upward and forward, unite to give a binder effect around the hips. The forward pressure on the sacrum (lower part of the spine) and backward pull over the hip bones hold with a firm grip and bring marked relief to the sacro-iliac strain. The anatomically shaped binder attachment reinforces and maintains the supporting pressure around the hips in all positions. The skirt is shaped up in the groin for freedom and comfort but it is made sufficiently long in the back to snug in under the curve, give attractive lines and aid in maintaining anchorage.

Basic Features—Substituting Clasp for Hook and Eye Fastening. (see page 98.)


Waist Sizes—32 to 44. Larger sizes, special see Price List.

Hip Sizes—May be ordered 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 inches larger than waist, without extra charge.

Style 5037

(Top is 4 inches larger than waist)


UA 2

B 3

F 6½ or 7½ (TF 9½)

H 12

B 13

Style 5038

(Top is 4 inches larger than waist)

F 2



F 7 or 7½ (TF 11)

H 13

B 14

Style 5039

(Top is 4 inches larger than waist)

F 2



F 7½ or 8 (TF 11)

H 14

B 15

HOW TO ORDER—The style in the series to order is determined by the client's waist to bust line measurement; but when there is more than one style in the series with the correct centre front below measurement, choose the one which has also the back below measurement nearest to your client's needs.

A brassiere is usually required with this belt to take care of the upper part of the figure.

For complete information on How to Order, see page 98.


For materials and prices, see Price List.