Spirella Catalogue (1933)/23



Style 1332—Brassiere-Girdle

ADAPTABILITY—This series is designed for the 30-type figure with exceptionally small hips in proportion to the bust, known as the "wedgeshaped" figure-a full, heavy bust, full through the waist and diaphragm region tapering to a very small development below.

It affords good support to the bust. The shaping through the hip snugs the garment to the figure and aids in maintaining anchorage. The inside belt aids in control of flesh. The complete design brings about more harmonious proportions.

Basic Features—Back Lacing; Partial Back Lacing; Interchangeable Tops; Cut-Out Back. (See pages 24 to 26.)


Bust Sizes—42 to 54. Larger sizes, special—see Price List.

Waist Sizes—May be ordered 5, 6, 7 or 8 inches smaller than bust, without extra charge.

Hip Sizes-May be ordered 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 inches smaller than bust, without extra charge.

Style 1331


W to BL 3½ or 4

W to T(ob)



F 6½ or 7 (TF 10)

H 12½

B 12

Style 1332

F 9

W to BL 4½½ or 5

W to T(ob)

UA 6

B 6

F 7 or 7½ (TF 10½)

H 13½

B 13

Style 1333


W to BL 5½ or 6

W to T(ob)



F 7½ or 8 (TF 12)

H 15

B 14½

HOW TO ORDER—The style in the series to order is determined by the client's centre front below measurement; but when there is more than one style in the series with the correct centre front below measurement, choose the one which has also the back below measurement nearest to the client's needs.

The top in the series to order is determined by the client's waist to bust line measurement.

NOTE—This series provides for the figure with skirt flare measurement 1 inch larger than hip size.

For complete information on How to Order, see page 27.


For materials and prices, see Price List.