Spirella Catalogue (1933)/39


STYLE 1078

Style 1078—Horse Suppotting Garment

ADAPTABILITY—This garment is designed for use in negligee, sports, or for any other purpose where a corset or other figure training garment is not worn and a hose supporting garment is required.

This belt permits perfect freedom and comfort in all positions with no injurious downward pressure over the abdomen. While it gives a slight control it does not answer the purpose of a corset, girdle, or abdominal belt. It is made without boning.


Waist Sizes—20 to 40.

Style 1078


Front 4

Back 4½

HOW TO ORDER—Order two sizes larger than the client's waist measurement.

This garment will not be specialized.

A bandeau or brassiere is usually required with this belt to take care of the upper part of the figure, and should be selected to meet the client's needs.

ADJUSTMENT—This garment should be adjusted on the figure so that the top is about 2 inches below the waist.


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