Spirella Catalogue (1933)/37



Style 4131—Girdle

ADAPTABILITY—This series is designed for average figures of the 30-type, requiring no pronounced correction for flesh conditions or physical ailments.

The heights of the garments above the waist aid in defining the waist line and in restraining diaphragm flesh, giving a trim, slenderized effect to the stout figure. The Spirella Boning on each side of centre back, together with the elastic sections, holds the garment closely to the body in all positions with a smooth, pleasing back line. The Basic Design carries clasp fastening.

Basic Features—Back Lacing; Inner Belt; Elastic Gores in Skirt; Girdle Top; Side Hook and Eye Fastening. (See pages 44 to 46.)


Waist Sizes—32 to 44. Larger sizes, special—see Price List.

Hip Sizes-May be ordered 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 inches larger than waist, without extra charge.

Style 4130

(Top is 2 inch larger than Waist)



UA 2

B 2

F 6½ or 7 (TF 11)

H 13

B 13

Style 4131

(Top is 3 inch larger than Waist)

F 2

CB 2


B 3

F 7 or 7½ (TF 12)

H 14½

B 14

Style 4132

(Top is 3 inch larger than Waist)



UA 3

B 3

F 7½ or 8 (TF 13½)

H 16

B 16

Note—When the Basic Feature of Girdle Top is ordered in any style in this series, the measurements above the waist will he as follows:


CB 1

UA 0

B 0

HOW TO ORDER—The style in the series to order is determined by the client's centre front below measurement; but when there is more than one style in the series with the correct centre front below measurement, choose the one which has also the back below measurement nearest to the client's needs.

Note—As the elastic varies in inch widths only, Spirella Girdles cannot be lengthened or shortened in half inches.

No girdle is complete without a brassiere.

For complete information on How to Order, see page 47.


For materials and prices, see Price List.