{{redact}} stylistically renders text that has been censored (see redact in Wiktionary). This template will commonly be used when transcribing formerly-classified documents that have been released via a Freedom of Information Act request or similar.




Parameter Default Explanation
length 8 The length, in em. See Wikipedia for more. For a full width redaction, the keyword full may be used.
color #000 The color of the redacted text. This can be either an HTML color name (eg "black" or "white"), or a RGB hexadecimal representation of a color (eg "#000" for black, "#ff0000" for red).
replacement If present, a tooltip will display this text when hovering over the redacted area with the heading "replacement = ".
text   If present, the text will be rendered on the "redacted" area. Note that this text will always be rendered in black; to be visible, utilize the color parameter to adjust the color of the redaction.
foia-exceptions If present, a tooltip will display this text while hovering over the redacted area with the heading "FOIA Request Exceptions:". This is intended to be used to list exemptions to the Freedom of Information Act.


Full widthEdit

Set the width parameter to full to get a full width redaction:

{{redact|full}} and {{redact|width=full}} render as:  

Redaction colourEdit

To redact in another colour then utilise the parameter color, eg. color = white. This can be useful when the redaction still shows the original text.

{{redact|color=white}} renders as:  

Text contentEdit

If the redacted text is still visible, you can add the text with the text parameter. Note you probably need to change the colour to something other than black for it to be visible.

{{redact|color=grey|text=This was redacted}} renders as: This was redacted

Remarks (Tooltip)Edit

By default, when hovering over a redaction, a tooltip will show that reads "redacted text". If the replacement parameter is used, this value will be added to the tooltip. Hover your mouse over the examples below.

NOTE: this functionality makes use of "hovering" a mouse. It is therefore not available to users on mobile devices, tablets, touch screens, visually impaired users with text readers, and so on. Use sparingly.

A regular redaction with no replacement parameter: {{redact}} 

A redaction with a replacement parameter: {{redact|replacement=Example Text.}} 

Freedom of Information Act Request Exceptions (Tooltip)Edit

The US Freedom of Information Act, which forces the US government to release documents, includes a number of listed exceptions. When a document is released, these exceptions may cause information to be redacted. If present and documented, this exception can be included in a tooltip on the redacted area using the foia-exceptions parameter.

This parameter may be used in conjunction with the remarks parameter.

The following redaction includes an FOIA request exception: {{redact|foia-exceptions=(b)(6), (b)(7)(c)}} 


The template sets the following tracking categories:

See alsoEdit

  • {{redact2}}, wraps as normal text, and renders with #s when css/colour is not supported
  • {{redact3}}