The Rampa Story/The Incredible Truth

Published in 1960, the only one of Lobsang Rampa's books to have not been renewed.


Few books have aroused more controversy in recent years than Lobsang Rampa's THE THIRD EYE, and the other works which have come from his pen.

The reason is simple enough. When an Englishman claims that his body has been taken over by the spirit of a Tibetan Lama, he can reasonably expect mockery. When, in addition, he recounts extraordinary, highly detailed experiences which pre-suppose the possession of personal powers quite outside the laws of nature as we understand them, the reaction not surprisingly becomes an uproar.

But uproars of this kind do sometimes spring from ignorance. To glimpse what was previously unknown is always disturbing. The fact that Dr. Rampa now has many thousands of readers throughout the world is evidence that not all minds are closed against the unfamiliar.

It is for this great body of readers — and, no less, for the skeptics who have been able neither to disprove his story nor to explain how he came by his knowledge if his story is untrue—that Dr. Rampa wrote this, his third book.

THE RAMPA STORY is Lobsang Rampa's reply to all his critics, and every page carries his own unswerving guarantee of the truth.

to my friends in Howth, Ireland

They were my friends when the "winds blew fair". They were loyal, understanding and greater friends when the unfair winds blew foul, for the people of Ireland know persecution; and they know how to judge Truth. So-

Mr. and Mrs. O'Grady
The Loftus Family
Dr. W. I. Chapman
Brud Campbell
(to mention just a few)