The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 11/From Erasmus Lewis to Jonathan Swift - 13

WHITEHALL, AUG. 7, 1714.

IT is true you have nothing to do here; but what have you to do any where else till you go to Ireland, where you must indeed be before three months end, in order to qualify yourself? The law requires it, as much as if your deanery was but now conferred upon you.

Arbuthnot is removed to Chelsea, and will settle there. The town fills every moment. We are as full in the house of commons as at any time. We are gaping and staring to see who is to rule us. The whigs think they shall engross all. We think we shall have our share. In the mean time we have no division at council, or in parliament. I sent twice to Kensington to inquire after lady Masham's health. Next week I will go to see her, and will keep up my acquaintance, in all events, if she thinks fit. I doubt she and her sister are not perfectly easy in their affairs; but you forgot one who is worse than either, that is Mrs. Hill, who has not a sous. I will stay here till our commission is either renewed to us, or given to another. I am yours, &c.