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The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 11/From Jonathan Swift to Archdeacon Walls - 4

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LETCOMBE, AUG. 8, 1714.

IF I had but fixed a week sooner for my journey to Ireland, I should have avoided twenty inconveniencies that have since happened to me, and been with you the time I am now writing. Upon the earl of Oxford's removal, he desired I would go with him into Herefordshire, which I consented to, and wrote you word of it, desiring you would renew my license of absence at the end of this month, for I think it then expires. Two days after, I had earnest invitation from those in power, to go up to town, and assist them in their new ministry, which I resolved to excuse; but, before I could write, news came of the queen's death, and all our schemes broke to shatters. I am told I must take the oaths in Ireland in three months; and I think it is better travelling now than later; and although I am earnestly pressed by our broken leaders to come up to town, I shall not do it; but hope to set out on the sixteenth instant toward Ireland, and if it please God, be with you in nine or ten days after this comes to your hands. However, let my license be renewed before it expires. I think I answered yours in my last. I leave all things entirely to you and Mr. Forbes. My service to gossip Doll, goody Stoyte and Martha, and Mr. Manley and lady. Mr. Manley is, I believe, now secure in his post; and it will be my turn to solicit favours from him. I have taken up Mr. Fetherston's money, to pay some debts in London; I desire you will pay him fifty pounds, with the usual exchange, at twenty days sights or later, if it be inconvenient.