The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 11/From Jonathan Swift to Chancellor Harcourt - 1

MAY, 1713.

I WONDER your lordship would presume to go out of town, and leave me in fear that I should not see you before I go to Ireland, which will be in a week. It is a strange thing, you should prefer your own health, and ease, and convenience, before my satisfaction. I want your lordship for my solicitor. I want your letter to your younger brother of Ireland, to put him under my government: I want an opportunity of giving vour lordship my humblest thanks, for a hundred favours you have done me: I wanted the sight of your lordship this day in York buildings[1]. Pray, my lord, come to town before I leave it, and supply all my wants. My lord treasurer uses me barbarously; appoints to carry me to Kensington, and makes me walk four miles at midnight. He laughs when I mention a thousand pound which he gives me; though a thousand pound is a very serious thing, &c.

  1. Lord treasurer Oxford then lived there.