The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 11/From Matthew Prior to Jonathan Swift - 4


HEATHROP, AUG. 24, 1717.

YOURS, my good friend, of the sixth, finds me in Oxfordshire with the duke of Shrewsbury, which would sooner have been acknowledged, had I stayed in London. Before I left that pious city, I made due inquiries into the methods and regularity of your correspondence with the earl[1]. He has received your letters; he will answer them, but not to day, sicut olim. Nothing can change him. I can get no positive answer from him, nor can any man else; so trouble yourself no more on that head than he does. He is still in London, and possibly has answered you, while I am a little arraigning his neglect; but in all cases liberavi animam meam.

I wish you were in England, that you might a little look over the strange stuff, that I am to give our friends for their money. I shall be angry if you are near and not with me; but when I see you, that weighty question may easily be decided. In the mean time I am taking your good counsel, and will be in the country as much as I can.

You have found two mistakes in the list, but have not corrected them. I presume we shall have it of the best edition, when you send the list back again; of which, I say, no haste is required.

Give my service and thanks to all friends; reserve only to yourself the assurance of my being, beyond expression, my friend, yours, &c.