The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 11/From Matthew Prior to Jonathan Swift - 5


MAY 1, 1718.

A PRETTY kind of amusement I have been engaged in; commas, semicolons, italicks, and capitals, to make nonsense more pompous, and furbelow bad poetry with good printing. My friends' letters, in the mean time, have lain unanswered; and the obligations I have to them, on account of the very book itself, are unacknowledged. This is not all; I must beg you once more to transfer to us an entire list of my subscribers, with their distinct titles, that they may, for my honour, be printed at the beginning of my book. This will easily be done by revising the list, which we sent to you. I must pray of you, that it may be exact. The money I receive of Mitford as mentioned in your last.

The earl of Oxford has not at all disappointed my expectations. He is semper idem, and has as much business to do now, as when he was governing England, or impeached for treason. He is still in town, but going in a week or ten days into Herefordshire. Lord and lady Harley are at the Bath, and as soon as I shall have settled my affairs of the printing press, (sad business! as you very well call it) I shall go into the country to them.

My health, I thank you, is pretty good. My courage better. I drink very often to your health, with some of our friends here; and am always, with the greatest truth and affection, dear sir, your obliged and most obedient servant,