The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 11/From William Thomas to Jonathan Swift - 2



JULY 6, 1714.

I SHOULD not have presumed to break in upon your retirement, nor so much as inquire for your address, had not the enclosed given me a fair occasion to ask after your health. I need not add any thing to what the papers will inform you touching that affair. The person mentioned in the baron's letter has not yet called upon me. When you have endorsed the letter of attorney, please to return that and the baron's letter, that I may punctually follow his directions. I dare not mention any thing of politicks to one, that has purposely withdrawn himself from the din of it. I shall only tell you, that your friends applaud your conduct with relation to your own ease; but they think it hard you should abdicate at a juncture your friendship seems to be of most use to them. I am sure some of them want your advice, as well as assistance. You will forgive this digression from business, when I tell you I shall not repeat this trouble, not having so much as kept a copy of your direction. You may direct your commands to me, under cover, to our common friends. I hope you believe me too sensible of obligations to need formal assurances of the sincere respect, wherewith I am, reverend sir, your most obedient and most humble servant,