The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 12/From Henry St. John to Jonathan Swift - 20



YOU may be sure of Letters from me to people, who will receive you with all the honours due to so great a traveller, and so exact an author. I am obliged to stay in the country to morrow, by some business relating to my poor farm, which I would willingly make a rich one; and for which purpose a person is with me, who comes from Suffolk on my summons.

On Tuesday, by seven in the evening, I will certainly be in the Pall Mall, and there you shall have, if you meet me, and not otherwise, both my letters and instructions, which will be of use to you.

Raillery apart: since you do go into France, I shall be glad to talk with you before your departure; and I fancy you would not leave England without embracing the man in England who loves you best. Adieu. My best services attend all with you.

  1. Endorsed "Lord Bolingbroke On going to France about June 1727."