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The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 12/From Jonathan Swift to Jack Worrall - 12

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MARKET HILL, JAN. 13, 1728-9.

I JUST received your letter, and should never have done, if I returned you thanks so often as I ought for your care and kindness; both my disorders still continue; however, I desire that Mrs. Brent may make things ready, for my raggedness will soon force me away. I have been now ill about a month, but the family are so kind as to speak loud enough for me to hear them; and my deafness is not so extreme as you have known when I have fretted at your mannerly voice, and was only relieved by Mrs. Worrall.

I send you enclosed the fruit of my illness, to make an Intelligencer[1]; I desire you will enclose it in a letter to Mrs. Harding, and let your letter be in an unknown hand, and desire her to show it to the author of the Intelligencer, and to print it if he thinks fit. There is a letter, you will find, that is to be prefixed before the verses, which letter is grounded on a report, and if that report be false, the former part of the letter will be unseasonable, but the latter will not: and therefore the Intelligencer must be desired to alter it accordingly.

It should be sent soon, to come time enough for the next Intelligencer.

Pray, in your letter to Mrs. Harding, desire her to make her people be more correct, and that the Intelligencer himself may look over it, for that every body who reads those papers, are very much offended with the continual nonsense made by her printers.

I am yours,

  1. A weekly paper, by Drs. Swift, Sheridan, Helsham, &c. which were afterward reprinted in one volume 8vo.