The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 13/From Thomas Sheridan to Jonathan Swift - 1

DEC. 20, 1733.

YOURS I received, and if it was not that I have a good deal of company to sup at my house upon beef griskins, I would go and play a game of backgammon with Mr. Worral's tables, and be after winning some of Mrs. Worral's coin; I would not fear to win a crown piece of her money by playing sixpence halfpenny a time. She is a very good body, and one that I have a great value for: I wish my spouse were but half as good, but of this I shall say nothing more till meeting. I hope my gossip Delany's spouse is upon the mending hand, for they tell me she has been lately much out of order. She is as good a woman as ever breathed, and it is a thousand pities that any thing should ail her. God Almighty wish her well; for I am sure if she went off, the doctor would not meet with her fellow. I hope nothing ails her but a brush.

To morrow I eat a bit with Mr. and Mrs. McGwyre: if you will make one, you will get as hearty a welcome, as if you were their own father; for nobody speaks better of you than they. My humble service to all friends and to yourself, is the request of yours to command,


I lodge hard by the Shovel in Francis street.

  1. Endorsed, "Dr. Sheridan's insolence in presuming to answer my eloquent hybernicisms."