The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 18/Letter from Henry St. John to Jonathan Swift - 28


JAN. 5, 1712-13.

THOUGH I have not seen, yet I did not fail to write to lord treasurer. Non tua res agitur, dear Jonathan. It is the treasurer's cause[1]; it is my cause; it is every man's cause, who is embarked on our bottom. Depend upon it, that I never will neglect any opportunity of showing that true esteem, that sincere affection, and honest friendship for you, which fill the breast of your faithful friend,

  1. This seems to relate to the promotion of Dr. Swift, in which lord Bolingbroke, in one of his letters, charges the lord treasurer with being extremely backward. See also Journal to Stella, April 7, 1713. Dr. Swift was made dean of St. Patrick's on the 23d of that month.