The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 18/Letter from Joseph Addison to Jonathan Swift - 9


DUBLIN, JUNE 3, 1710.

I AM just now come from Finglass, where I have been drinking your health, and talking of you, with one who loves and admires you better than any man in the world, except your humble servant. We both agree in a request, that you will set out for Dublin as soon as possible. To tell you truly, I find the place disagreeable, and cannot imagine why it should appear so now more than it did last year. You know I look upon every thing that is like a compliment as a breach of friendship; and therefore shall only tell you, that I long to see you; without assuring you, that I love your company and value your conversation more than any man's, or that I am, with the most inviolable sincerity and esteem, Dear sir,

Your most faithful, most humble,
and most obedient servant,