The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 18/Letter from Martha Whiteway to William Richardson - 3

APRIL 19, 1739.

I NOW give you an opportunity of adding a new petition in your prayers, From female impertinence, good Lord deliver me. Yet this trouble you brought on yourself; and therefore I will make no apology for it. Mr. Dunkin's case comes now under your care. You were the first promoter of it; and to you only are his obligations due. Mr. Squire died the 14th of this month; and by this post the dean has writ to alderman Barber in Mr. Dunkin's favour. He has commanded me to entreat your friendship for him with the alderman and the society; and says, he knows you will pardon him that he does not write to you himself on the occasion; for his head is very much out of order to day. There is one article in the dean's letter he has left out, and another inserted, much against my inclination. The first is, that he omitted mentioning Mr. Dunkin as a worthy good man, which in my opinion is more material than being a poet or a scholar; although, when joined with these, make a most amiable character: the other is, troubling the alderman to know there is such an insignificant person in the world as Mrs. Whiteway; but the tyrant dean will say and do just as he pleases. The enclosed was sent me by Mr. Dunkin, not knowing how to direct to you. I now promise you, sir, to tease you no more with my letters, unless you command me to pay you my most humble respects; and then you shall be obeyed with pleasure, by, sir, your much obliged and most obedient humble servant,