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The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 18/Letter from Unknown Person to Jonathan Swift - 2

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MARCH 29, 1729.

HAVING been often agreeably amused by thy Tale, &c. &c. and being now loading a small ship for Dublin, I have sent thee a gammon, the product of the wilds of America; which perhaps may not be unacceptable at thy table, since it is only designed to let thee know that thy wit and parts are here in esteem at this distance from the place of thy residence[1]. Thou needest ask no questions who this comes from, since I am a perfect stranger to thee.

  1. This is not the only proof of the dean's fame having early extended to the American continent. May 20, 1728, he tells Mr. Pope, "I have with great pleasure shown the New England newspaper with the two names Jonathan Gulliver. And I remember Mr. Fortescue sent you an account from the assizes, of one Lemuel Gulliver, who had a cause there, and lost it on the ill reputation of being a liar."