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The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 7/A New Year's Gift for Bec


RETURNING Janus now prepares,
For Bec, a new supply of cares,
Sent in a bag to doctor Swift,
Who thus displays the New-year's gift.
First, this large parcel brings you tidings
Of our good dean's eternal chidings;
Of Nelly's pertness, Robin's leasings,
And Sheridan's perpetual teazings.
This box is cramm'd on every side
With Stella's magisterial pride.
Behold a cage with sparrows fill'd,
First to be fondled, then be kill'd.
Now to this hamper I invite you,
With six imagin'd cares to fright you.
Here in this bundle Janus sends
Concerns by thousands for your friends:
And here's a pair of leathern pokes,
To hold your cares for other folks.
Here from this barrel you may broach
A peck of troubles for a coach.
This ball of wax your ears will darken,
Still to be curious, never hearken.
Lest you the town may have less trouble in,
Bring all your Quilca's[2] cares to Dublin,
For which he sends this empty sack;
And so take all upon your back.