The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 7/On Dan Jackson's Picture – 2


CLARISSA draws her scissars from the case
To draw the lines of poor Dan Jackson's face.

One sloping cut made forehead, nose, and chin,
A nick produc'd a mouth, and made him grin,
Such as in tailor's measure you have seen.
But still were wanting his grimalkin eyes,

For which gray worsted stocking paint supplies.
Th' unravel'd thread through needle's eye convey'd
Transferr'd itself into his pasteboard head.
How came the scissars to be thus outdone?
The needle had an eye, and they had none.
O wondrous force of art! now look at Dan —
You'll swear the pasteboard was the better man.
"The devil! says he, the head is not so full!"
Indeed it is — behold the paper skull.

Tho. Sheridan, sculp.