The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 7/Paulus, an Epigram



Dublin, Sept. 7, 1728.

"A SLAVE to crowds, scorch'd with the summer's heats,
In courts the wretched lawyer toils and sweats;
While smiling Nature, in her best attire,
Regales each sense, and vernal joys inspire.
Can he, who knows that real good should please,
Barter for gold his liberty and ease?" —
Thus Paulus preach'd: — When, entering at the door,
Upon his board the client pours the ore:
He grasps the shining gift, pores o'er the cause,
Forgets the sun, and dozes on the laws.

  1. A polite and elegant scholar, at that time an eminent pleader at the bar in Dublin, and afterward advanced to be one of the justices of the common pleas.