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Translation:On the spacetime lines of a Minkowski world

On the spacetime lines of a Minkowski world  (1912) 
by Friedrich Kottler, translated from German by Wikisource
In German: Über die Raumzeitlinien der Minkowski'schen Welt, 1912, Wiener Sitzungsberichte 2a, 121: 1659-1759, Online

On the spacetime lines of a Minkowski world


Friedrich Kottler

(Presented at the meeting at 4. July 1912.)


Introduction. Denotations 1659
§ 1. Integral forms. Differential invariants. Generalized coordinates 1664
§ 2. Applications to and : Gauss-Stokes theorems. Vector analysis in generalized coordinates 1675
§ 3. Maxwell's equations and the integral forms; Maxwell's equations in generalized coordinates 1685
§ 4. Pointlike charges. Spacetime lines. Formulas of Wiechert and Schwarzschild. Formulas for the displacement of the light-point together with the reference-point. Wiechert-Schwarzschild formulas in generalized coordinates 1691
§ 5. Ponderomotive forces. The reaction force of radiation when the charge is pointlike 1703
§ 6. Special spacetime lines: Curves whose three curvatures are constant. Computation of the potentials and fields in generalized coordinates. Constancy of the fields in the generalized reference system 1714
§ 7. Differential geometry of the curves in . Comoving tetrad. Frenet formulas. Two classes of curves 1728
§ 8. Application to the spacetime lines 1749