My name is Jamie and I work at the National Library of Scotland.

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Jim Crow

Life, transactions, & execution of Thomas Connor and Bell M'Menemy

Most strange and wonderful prophecy in the year 1684 (1)

Proposals for original publications

Excellent old ballad of The babes in the wood

Catharine Ogie

New school of love (1)

Keys of love (1)

Blaeberry courtship (1)

Copy of a letter written by David M'Roberts to his wife two days before his execution

True fortune teller

Constant swain (1)

Life and wonderful prophecies of Donald Cargill (1)

Life of James Renwick

Book of knowledge (1)

Account of a dreadful hurricane which happened in the island of Jamaica, in the month of October, 1780

Heliogabulus's magic tablets

True fortune teller, or, Universal book of fate (1)

Magic oracle, or, Conjuror's guide

Housekeeper and butler's guide, or, A system of cookery, and making of wines

Bold mariners

Medical guide

Four excellent old songs

Daniel O'Rourke's wonderful voyage to the moon (1)

Sair sair was my heart (1)

Hawthorn (1817)

Humours of Glasgow fair (1)

Elegy on the year eighty-eight

Bold dragoon

Grand history on curious subjects, both entertaining and pleasant

New game at cards, or, A pack of cards changed into a compleat and perpetual almanack (1)

Kattie's answer to wabster Jock

Last guinea

The King and the Tinkler

Loss of the pack

Auld farmer's salutation to his auld mare Maggy, on giving her a ripp of corn, to Hansel in the New Year

Pretty maid milking her cow

The beggar girl

The Farmer

History of two brothers misfortunes

Excellent new song called the farmer's glory

Jones' address to a sovereign

Ancient and Modern History of the Russian Empire

Fairy tales (1)

Sleeping beauty in the wood (1)

Age and life of man, or, A short description of the nture (sic), rise, and fall, according to the 12 months of the year

Storys of The bewitched fiddler (1)

Life, trial and execution of Agnes Rae, aged 22

My bonnie Mary (1)

Bundle and Go

Execution, or, The affecting history of Tom Bragwell

Life, trial and execution of Mary Thompson, aged 19

Memoir of the Reverend David Wilson (1)

Satan's decoy, or, The youth's faith in Christ (1)

History of the devil, ancient and modern (1)

Deplorable effects of heathen superstition

An hundred godly lessons that a mother on her death-bed gave to her children

Great importance of parental instruction

By the gaily circling glass

The history of John Gregg, and his family, of robbers and murderers

Rosanna (1)

Tragical ballad of Lord John's murder

Elegy on Jamie Gemmill, tailor

Elegy on Sir Robert Grierson, of Lag, who died December 23d, 1733, or, The prince of darkness' lamentation for the Laird of Lag, and others

Copy of a letter, written by the Rev. Mr. William Barlas

Cards spiritualized, or, The pack of cards transformed into a Bible, almanack, and prayer-book

Old man's wish

An hundred godly lessons that a mother on her death-bed gave to her children

Sir Neil and Glengyle, the Highand chieftains (2)

Theatrical speaker (1)

Berkshire Lady's garland (2)

Crazy Jane (2)

Way to wealth (1)

Answer to the blue bonnet

An account of the bravery and happy death of James Covey

Sir James the Rose (1)

The blackamoor in the wood: or, A lamentable ballad on a tragical end of a gallant lord and virtuous lady

The hero of Ballinacrazy

Little fabulist, or, select fables

The power of affection

An affecting history of an inn-keeper in Normandy

Tales of instruction: in verse and prose

The door of salvation opened, or, A loud and shrill voice from heaven, to unregenerate sinners on earth

Vermin killer

Query in the Gospel Magazine for October M.DCC.LXXI

Serious thoughts for the living

Reflections among the monuments

Hallow fair

Preparation sermon, before receiving the Holy sacrament

Irish widow

Explication of, the prophecies of Thomas Rymer

Demon ship, or, The pirate of the Mediterranean

Life, strange voyages, and uncommon adventures of Ambrose Gwinett

Tragedy of Sir James the Ross

Laird of Logie

Battle of Sheriff Muir

Hermit of Powis

Young Christian's first lesson-book

Brief historical relation of the life of Mr. John Livingston Minister of the Gospel

New proverbs, on the pride of women, or The vanity of this world displayed

Daniel O'Rourke's wonderful voyage to the moon

Rules for penmanship

Captain Ward and the Rain-Bow

Modern Chevy Chase, or, The analysis

The Polly privateer (1816)

Corn laws, a new song

Pleasing and entertaining history of the famous Moll Flanders

Bride's burial

Crafty squire's garland

Plant of renown (1813)

Everlasting love of God, and Mary's good choice

Short account of Bonaparte's cruel conduct in Syria

Lucy's flittin'

Buchanshire tragedy, or, Sir James the Ross

Oration on the virtues of the old women, and the pride of the young

Interesting letter from Queen Caroline to King George IV

Gosport tragedy

King of France, his catechism

Jerusalem's captivities lamented, or, A plain description of Jerusalem (1810-1836)

Faith's plea upon God's covenant (1815-1830)

T Life and death of Fair Rosamond (1815-1820)

T Life and death of fair Rosamond (1850-1860)

T Lord Thomas and Fair Annet (1790)

The Gude Wallace

Glasgow Peggy

Beauties of Glasgow

Peck o' maut

The Auld Goodman, or, The Goodwife Victorious

The Buxom dame of Reading, or, The cuckold's cap

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Very much in progres

Index:Buke of the Howlat.djvu

Index:Medieval English nunneries c. 1275 to 1535.djvu,_vel_hernia_crurali.pdf

The Origin and History of Glasgow Streets

Index:The Normans in European History.djvu

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Index:Phelps - Essays on Russian Novelists.djvu

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